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Sympathetic Magic(Voodoo)

This is a combination of certain Mental and Life Control Powers. Sympathetic Magic requires the Mage make an Effigy of his target as a way of directing the Power to that target. The Effigy can be of any quality of workmanship, from a crude wax doll to an exquisitely detailed full portrait in oil paints; however, the Effigy must incorporate a cast-off body part, excretion, or possession of the target. The most common example is a strand of hair.

Once the Effigy is created, any action that affects that Effigy will also affect the target. Physical manipulation of the Effigy causes a similar effect on the target. For example, sticking a pin into a wax doll would cause sudden stabbing pains in the target. The effigy can be used as a focal point for Mental powers; the Voodoo Mage concentrates on the Effigy as if it were the target. Of course, the wouldbe victim can resist this Magical attack using his Psyche.

Sympathetic Magic incorporates forms of the following Powers, which function at Power rank but are limited to a single target:If the Mage possesses other Powers, these should be incorporated into this Magic to give the Mage further forms of Voodoo spells.

Once the Effigy is made, it can be used over and over again to effect the target. Its Power over the target can only be broken by removing the material that provides the physical link to him. Once the victim. knows the existence of the Effigy, he should do anything in his Power to find it and remove the linking material.

The range at which the Voodoo can affect a target is determined by the Power rank. The Voodoo can only actively affect a single target at any 1 time because of the simple constraint that all the Voodoo Mage's hands and concentration are need to perform the Magic.

Effigies can affect any living or sentient being. Sympathetic Magic can be used against Robots, Computers, Cyborgs, rock-men, gas-women, and so on, provided the rules are followed. (Making an Effigy of an Ethereal would be kind of tricky though.)

The Nemesis for this Power is Iron Will.

Range: Column B.