Powers List for You vs. the World 3.0

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1. Pheremone Based Super Charisma (20 meter range)
2. Superspeed
3. Mind Shield

1. Danger Sense
2. Biokinesis
3. The ability to enter own subspacial dimension, in which the power wielder has nigh omnipotence. Can bring things created in subspacial dimension to the real world as long as a gate to the realm is within short range of them. If such objects are taken beyond such range then they disappear.

1. The ability to have one power based on Zodiac sign (changes weekly)
2. The ability to have a second power based off Zodiac sign. (changes weekly)
3. The ability to have a third power based off Zodiac sign. (changes weekly)

1. Superspeed(w/ rainbow trail)
2. Control over sound waves - which explains theme music power. Amplify and change pitch of sound waves which means one can deafen opponent or blow thier ear drums out.
3. Iceman's Freeze power(within thread limits)

1. Hydrokinesis
2. Marine Life Telepathy
3. Deep Water Adaptation (Body has adapted to allow survival at the ocean's depths. This includes the ability to breathe underwater as well as enhanced strength and durability.)


1. Clairvoyance. Completely aware of surroundings at all times. Can't get lost, and nothing can be hidden from one (physically) from within a certain range. Lets say... 30 or 40 feet. Illusions, except ones brought on by VERY powerful tech or magic, don't work on one. The said illusions that do work, I will know something is definitely wrong, though I can't quite place it.

2. Bene Gesserit's abilities from Dune. Precise muscle control. Can't be poisoned, because one would know it, and could render it harmless in one's body. In addition, knows just from watching a person's manner and speech if they are lying or telling a half-truth. Though one cannot read minds, can often tell what a persons intentions are by they're mannerisms.

3. Because of my BG abilities, I am a very, very deadly martial artist. I know all about fighting techniques and pressure points.

The Drunkard Kid:
1. The ability to make objects come to life at a 1:1 size ratio. Has control of them, but can not make them do anything the drawing would not be able to do. Maximim size of drawing is 50 ft. Larger animated drawings shrink down to size limits.
2. Tickle Vision
3. Dairy Manipulation: Complete control over all dairy products. Can not make dairy do anything it can not do naturally, such as burst into flame

1. Weather Control
2. Culture type Displacement with interdimensional capability
3. Can summon up to four powered selves from alternate dimensions

1. Sub-space pocket (Allows one to call up any items currently existing in the world this takes place in. Tanks, Swat-team shields, houses, you name it. Can also pull things into the sub-space pocket. Anything within a ten meter distance.)
2. Intangibility
3. Tactile Telekinesis

1. Mastery of The Force (No light/dark constraints)
2. Biokinesis
3. Tetsuo style TK/Psionics (without mutation)

1. Can transfrom into a newt
2. Field of Super-Slowness(affects others/objects not self; even the Runner would move/think at the speed of a slugs movement within twenty feet or so when on)
3. The ability to tranform into a mobile puddle of water.

Halfdane (Mg_knt):
1. Copy cat power. (Can copy a person right down to their apperance. Also get their powers and lose one's own. The limitation is that one has to see the person being copied and they have to be alive. If any of those conditions is violated one reverts back to original self.)
3.Planeswalking ( the power to "walk" between dimesions. Can also use it to send others to other dimesions.)

Imperious Rex:
1. Mega Dexterity 5 (with all enhancements)
2. Power Neutralization (Can turn off the powers of any one super at a time as long as he or she is in line of sight, making him or her just a regular human. This will also effect any enchantments or artifacts that the person is carrying. When the neutralization is removed, everything returns to normal.)
3. Probabilty Control (Has a small level of ambient luck aura around oneself. This aura makes one very unpredictable to precognition style powers. Can also cast hex bolts or long term curses on people.)

Dr. J:

1. Soul Devour - Can absorb the souls of slain enemies. Souls means the spiritual energy that every living thing has and releases when they die. The energy in a single soul is very powerful, although the souls of evil people tend to be less so. Can use the souls to increase endurance, stamina, strength, durability, etc., or project them as powerful energy blasts.

2. TK Field - Another use of soul energy, a sheild of mysterious energy right on top of skin that projects itself onto anything it touches, negating the effects of gravity while still being under one's control. in other words, if one's skin touches it, one can move it around with TK. However, the bigger the object, the bigger the amount of energy it takes to control it, and some objects are far too large to completely control. Since the energy field is already in contact with skin, flight is possible via TK.

3. Time Wizard spells - Spells like Fast, Slow, Old, Return, Exit, Demi, X-Zone, Quick, and Meteo.

Jaffa (also a 2.0 character):
1. Psychokinesis
2. Mind shield - nervous system and brain are heavily shielded against all psionic and neural attacks. Invisible to telepathy
3. Apocalypse Style Shapeshifting with color changing

1. Molecular Level Control of Own Body
2. Force Mastery
3. Energy Manipulation

Jango (KrispyKreme):
1. Mage Spheres: Every sphere up to the master level, except for time, which must be kept under lvl 3 where it starts to alter time directly. And keeping "range" and mind enhancing limits in mind, of course.
2. Photographic Reflexes
3. DBZ Chi Power

1. Precognition
2. Power Negation (Leech style, touch range)
3. Longshot style Luck

Lord of Nothings:
1. Telekinesis
2. The ability to make someone understand and agree with what one says.
3. Superspeed

1. Bullseye's Throwing/Shooting Ability
2. Daredevil Level Enhanced Senses
3. Mystic Uber-Ninja Stealth

1: Intangibility
2: Shapeshifting
3: Optic Blasts

1. Mega Strength 5 (with all enhancements except Lifter)
2. Mega Dexterity 5 (with all enhancements)
3. Mega Stamina 5 (with all enhancements)

1. Bardic Magic
2. The Voice: What ever said has the exact right pitch and intonation to get the desired point across... (For example if one was trying to intimidate someone, It would sound big and booming. If one was trying to woo a lady, no matter what babble that came out of one's mouth will sound like elaborate poetry.)
3. The ability to enchant items/equipment with magical powers.

1. Superspeed
2. Complete Molecular Level Body Control
3. Self Transmutation (up to diamond hardness)

1. Tetsuo style TK/psionics from the manga (without mutation) - allows TK shields, TK attacks, mind reading, dimensional teleportation/travel, regeneration/healing, flight, and explosive power. (Nuke like in the manga, obviously weaker on earth prime)
2. Speed Force (Within Thread Limits)
3. Mega Stamina 5 (With all enhancements)

1. DBZ Chi Power
2. Cyberkinesis
3. Interdimensional Teleportation

Rune Silverstar (Tanith):
1. Clairsentience
2. Magic like Pug/Milamber from Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar novels (though not as powerful). (This also includes dimensional travel.)
3. Immutability (see Watcher)

1. Yang Lu-chan's martial arts skills
2. Morihei Uechiba's martial arts skills
3. A DBZ calibur well of chi to draw on, complete with flight and sensory powers.

Mr. Sandman:
1. Gate Manipulation
2. Immutability
3. Matter Creation

1. Adaptability (Adapts body for various circumstances)
2. Maggot Style External Digestive System
3. Feel Good Aura

1. Regeneration
2. Super durability
3. Telepathy

Trickster God:
1. Illusion Mastery: Complete mastery of all types of illusions. Can create illusions which seem real to every kind of sense, including weird stuff like sensors and telepathy. Can also see through both own illusions and those of others.
2. Sue Storm's Forcefield Powers
3. Interdimensional Teleportation

The Watcher:

1. Dimensional Manipulation: The power to bend, fold, expand, contract, and otherwise mold the dimensional fabric which comprises the multiverse, including but not limited to normal space. Abilities which can be derived from this power include interdimensional teleportation, construction of permanent gates between any two locations, the ability to interact with multiple locations simultaneously, the creation or unraveling of barriers against teleportation and interdimensional travel, the superimposing of multiple locations, and access to the pocket dimensions of others.

2. Trinity Style, Proxy Level Clairsentience

3. Immutability: Preservation against drastic or unwanted change at all levels, such as physical, mental, spiritual, quantum, etc. One is unaging with this power. Can be killed by overwhelming physical force of artillery barrage level or higher while on Alternate, Prime, and Mirror Earth. Any damage or alteration which somehow manages to be inflicted despite Immutability is instantly undone when Immutability is in effect, as the subject is restored to his original condition.

Yeoman (also a 2.0 character):
1. Luck
2. Super-Agility/Reflexes
3. Hammer-space like access to a pocket dimension (Touch something and I can put in in the pocket, anything in it can be removed at will.)

1. Interdimensional Capable Teleport
2. Thread Level Phoenix Powers (Matter and Energy Manipulation)
3. Power Augmentation

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