Powers List for YvsTW: The Ultimates

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Arc (Gumbo):
1. Sound Suppression
2. Nega-Field
3. Reformation

1. True Game Shapeshifting
2. Psychokinesis
3. Emotion Mastery

1. Palladium Psionics
2. Super Sense: Sense where he's needed
3. Immutability
FBH's UN Team

1. Phasing
2. Variable Energy Blasts
3. Physical Enhancement of self or others

1. Tactile Telekinesis
2. Photographic Reflexes
3. Changeling-style Shapeshifting

1. Full Betazoid-style telepathy/empathy
2. Speak to the dead within LOS of cemetaries and death sites. Cannot compel the dead to do bidding other then require them to speak to oneself. 3. Telekinesis with an approximate 10 ton lift limit, also LOS

1. Flawless Tracking Ability
2. Shapechange at will
3. Plane Shift at will

Mr. Sandman:
1. MTG Black Magic
2. Force Mastery
3. Power stealing: Can remove one power of choice from a target and then be able to use that power until one wills the power away (Can only steal one power at a time and once given up it will return to the one it was stolen from).

1. Fantasy Ninjitsu
2. Highlander-style Immortality
3. Force Mastery

1. Fantasy Ninjitsu
2. Highlander-style Immortality
3. Force Mastery

1. Super Strength
2. Super Speed
3. Immutability

1. Protean: Up to the 9th level, including every published alternative and standard power. Modified for no cost. Limited by thread rules, of course.
2. Fortitude: Up to the 9th level, including every published alternative and standard power. Modified for no cost. Limited by thread rules.
3. Thaumaturgy: Up to the 9th level, including every published Path and Ritual. Modified for no cost. To the thread rule limits.

1. Elasticity
2. Darkforce Control
3. Healing Factor

Superstar (The Watcher)
1. Immutability
2. Correspondence Archmastery: Up to the 9th Level of the Correspondence Sphere. Modified for no paradox and no foci requirements.
3. Illusion Mastery: Complete mastery of all types of illusions. Can create illusions which seem real to every kind of sense, including weird stuff like sensors and telepathy. Can also see through both own illusions and those of others.

Wraith (Jaffa):

1. Ghost:
Wraith has the ability of cloaking himself, passing through places completely unnoticed and undetected. This power has both a physical and a mental aspect, both of which work together to make detecting Wraith near completely impossible.

People see him but don't realize he's there. Electronic devices don't register him. Telepathic detection evades him. He blends completely into whatever surroundings.

2. Power Siphon:
Wraith has the ability of draining the power of others and redirecting it. When he touches another superhuman, the said meta will find their powers negated and taken from them, leaving them helpless. Wraith can then store and use this power for his own purposes.

The power is always on, but Wraith can shut it down at will, or have it not affect certain people. Also, if there are more than one people drained at the same time, Wraith cannot completely negate all their powers. One or two superhumans can be negated completely, more than that will be weakened but remain functional.

Wraith can also store the energy he siphons. When fully charged, he is physically tougher and more difficult to harm, and his other powers work more effectively. After fully charging himself, it could take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks to return to his base level of power, depending on his power usage.

While in physical contact with the victim, Wraith can also mimic their non-physical powers to an extent. For example, if he was siphoning the power of a gate creator, he could create gates, etc. However, these powers are never as strong as in the original owner, and physical powers such as shapeshifting couldn't be copied at all. Also, this power works only while in the drainee is within touch range.

If the power siphoning aura was used on another person with power-negating powers, the effects would cancel each other out.

3. Psychokinesis/Elemental Control
Wraith can control energy and has some telekinetic abilities. Elemental attacks, such as lighning, fire, or cold are the easiest for him to use and are the ones he uses most often.

The power of this ability depends on his level of energy. At it's weakest, his TK is around the level of a Star Wars force user, and his elemental control around the level of pre-power-up Electro (only he can still use other elemental attacks than just electricity), but the more energy he has, the more powerful it becomes. When Wraith is fully charged or siphoning the power of a powerful metahuman, this power can easily reach thread limits.

1. Jean Grey Level Telekinenis
2. Jean Grey Level Telepathy
3. Pokemon Summoning and Banishment (Only 5 can be present at once. To summon another one of the 5 present has to be banished back to where it came from)

1. Super Luck
2. Tinkering: Mechanical Aptitude without intelligence enhancement or comprehension of how results actually work.
3. Pym-style Size Manipulation

1. Interdimensional Teleportation
2. Clairsentience (Includes past and possible futures)
3. Omniversal Language Fluencey (Includes body langauge to the point it is combat applicable)

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