The You vs The Telephone Book Powers List

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Last updated on 11-26-2002 at 02:41 AM

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Airshark: Shooting Supplies

Allenthailand: Nutty Bolt (Engine Repair)

AnimeAndy: Temperature Resistance (Insulation)

Atomic Horror: Imbuing (Loans)

Beacon: Alignment and Brake Service

BrendanK: Food and Equipment Creation (Restaurant Equipment & Supplies)

Brief: Interior Design

CheeksTheToyWonder: Hydrokinesis (Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies}

Dizzy D: Apparel Control (Women's Clothing)

The Drunkard Kid: Attorney Powers

TheFan: Mountain Man (Mountain)

Ghost: Electrokinesis (Power Company)

Guest: Funerals

Krelborn: The Cutter (Barbershops)

Leviathan: Temperature Control (Heating and Air Conditioning)

Lord Darkwolf: Shape Changing of Self and Others (Cosmetic Surgery)

LordGorto: Appliances

Manuel: AAA Fire And Safety Man

MediaMan: Info Man (Information)

Metaphysician: Precognition and Probability Control (Insurance)

The MunchKing: Delivery Man

Nitmo: Jake Hawksmoor-type Powers (Contractors)

Pellcia: Location Sense (Maps)

Perfection: Cyberkinesis (Computer Programming)

Peter: Nature Control (Landscaping)

Scorpion13: Escort Powers (Escort Agencies)

SomeOtherGreenGuy: Psychomety Powers (Antiques)

The Thinker: Super Strength, Endurance, and Durability (Forklift)

Tovas: The Shredder

Trevor: Garbage Control (Garbage)

The Watcher: Travel Mastery (Travel Agencies and Bureaus

Z-Man: Gate Manipulation (Gates)

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