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Welcome to Scotland Forever

Lord Malcolm McKenzie
Duke of Selkirk
and Challenger

Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled Scots, wham Bruce has aften led Welcome to your gory bed Or to victory! Now's the day an' now's the hour See the front of battle lour See approach proud Edward's pow'r Chains and slavery! Wha for Scotland's king an' law Freedom's sword would strongly draw Freeman stand and freeman fa' Let him on wi' me!

So the Bard sings in the court of Lord Malcolm MacKenzie. Castle MacKenzie, built to turn back the English in in the year of our Blessed Lord, Thirteen hundred and seventeen, A strong defense with a strong Leader. The Castle defends the port of Selkirk and is the home of many a brave Scotsman and Scots women. As peace lingers, Castle MacKenzie allows the land to become prosperous, a village has sprung up at the foot of the Battlemount, now there is laughter, freedom and romance! Come one come all! Join in the merriment of local fairs, farmer's markets, Jousts and even have the pleasure of joining the competitions! Come to Scotland Forever and join the merriment! We have trade fairs, jousts, wars and even some intrigue. There is dancing, feasts, and weddings. Visit the quaint shops in Selkirk. Plus some humor, so come Milords and Ladies visit Scotland Forever. Scotland forever is an 18+ Role Play room Meaning you muse be 18+ to enter and role play.

Below you will find the Main Shops in the Village Selkirk
  • The Honey Bun Bakery
  • Selkirk Forge and Armory
  • The Boars Head Tavern
  • Enchanted Herb and Candle
  • Byway Market Place
  • Bard's Paradise Music Shoppe
  • Li'l Tot's Toy Shoppe
  • Golden Gryphon Inn
  • The Book and Quill Shoppe
  • The Lusty Wench Tavern
  • Needle and Thread Tailor Shoppe
  • Selkirk Fruit and Viggie Market
  • The Somerlad Orphanage

The Ten Main Castles of the Defence Chain of Scotland

Castle Sinclair
Castle Dodd
Castle Maxwell
Castle Mckenzie

Castle Castle Macbeth

Castle MacCormack

Castle McKenna

Castle Dunvegan

Castle Baldwin

Castle Dunn

Come now Lads and Lassies and follow me if you want to lose yeself to your imagination and go back time and place of old and Role Play with the people of Scotland and the English. The link provided below to WBS (A Chat Role Play Room) is a world to let your imagination run wild. Not only will you find Scotland Forever but a magnitude of other rooms to suit anyones taste for the fantasy worlds from Vampires, Pirates, Kingdoms of Knights and Clans of Elves and Dwarves to Werewolfs there is somthing for everyone. So click on the portal and be transported to this magical realm and come join us in a world of fun.


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