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Welcome to S. R. A. Inc., The best in fantasy and SCA armour and jewelry.

18740 McKinnley Lake Road. Parsons Kansas. 67357

Steel Rod Armoury Inc. was founded on April 1, 1985. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in jewelry, armour, or weaponry. We produce everything from full suits of SCA rated armour, chain maile armour, plate armour, and fine jewelry to individual pieces like chain maile, sabatons, cops, chain maile hauberks, chain maile shirts, chain maile vests, necklaces and ankle bracelets. We will custom build anything, no project is too big or too small.
Serving your needs since April 1, 1985
E-Mail your questions or armour repair requests to S. R. A. Inc.
Kenneth Steenrod Armourer in Armor
The only certain thing in life, is death. The Old Father planned that event for each of us long ago. All we can do is meet it on our own terms, match it blow for blow, and die honorably.
Kenneth A. Steenrod

More musings here Copyright 1985
Kenneth Steenrod Armourer at Feast

Our Newest Project: Reproduction Aircraft HERE!

Device or Coat of Arms for Kaun Steinr°­arson, Kenneth The Dark, or Donatien
Recently recovered Collectors Classic Car For the dedicated restorer HERE!
A bit about the Owner, Kenneth Steenrod: (more pics)
I started in the SCA in February 2000, prior to that I had been to a couple of demos, and a renn faire or two, thanks to my parents. Made my first helm at about the age of 14. Received my Award of Arms at the last Kingdom CalonCon ever, in my shire of Bois d' Arc on November 9th, A.S. XXXVII (2002), given to me by King Chrystofer III Rex and Queen Margarette Regina. Received my Order of Torse at Seal Wars in the Shire of Spinning Winds, on October 25th, A.S. XXXVIII (2003) given me by King Joe Angus and Queen Phaedra. I have attended 3 Lilies wars. My name (Kaun Steinr°­arson) and device (Purpure, a Latin cross throughout and in chief two unicorn's heads erased respectant argent) were registered in March 2004. I was a warranted knight marshal for the Shire of Bois d' Arc for 7 years, and authorized in all weapons styles except 9 foot spear and pole arm. I was also Seneschal and Webmaster of our local group from August 2003 to the end of 2006, (Seneschal given to Lady Johanna August 2006), have been event steward for 4 Kingdom events (2 March Warden Tournaments and 2 Chalice of Equus Tournament), Marshal in Charge for 3 others, and assisted marshaling at several others. For the Bridgewater Renaissance Fair in 2004, 2005, and 2006, I was in charge of organizing, setting up, and supervising the SCA encampments on top of the hill, and the armoured combat during the dinner feasts, almost a full third of the fair for those years.
I have taught Fencing (Foil) privately, and for a short time at a local community college, although this was some years ago. I am also involved in live steel demos. When participating in combat I have a 3/4 suit of plate armour that I wear, and when not, my garb is usually late period.
My persona is loosely based on an individual of Viking decent from about 1250, coast of France (Normandy), the section given to the Viking raiders to protect against other Viking raiders. Participated in one crusade,
and single father of two wonderful daughters.
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