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Ok, slowly but surely, things are being corrected. First of all, I updated the ages for the Elf/Dark Elf/Sylvans. Other races are next, but I still don't have dwarves.

I also updated the Contact Me link, as well as the survey, to correctly have my new email address. I plan on changing that survey a tad, and if anyone has any questions they think should be added, now's the time to contact me about it!

When I last went through this site, I was in my teens, and the style shows it. I plan on updating my Roleplaying Guide to be a bit more informative, and also would like to add a bunch of new links. If you feel that your webstie should be connected with this one, feel free to contact me.

Also, I'd really like to update the 'Featuring' section. If you feel that you should be featured, or would like a specific roleplayer to be featured, feel free to tell me. Thanks!  

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