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Join the USS Glorion!

**Before you fill this page out, please check out the Rules and Regulations page. Thanks** Unfortunately, I don't have all the time in the world to put in a nice little sign-up table for you to join the USS Glorion right here in this browser. So, please put the following information, in this order, into an e-mail message and e-mail it to me at I will get back to you about it as soon as I can!

~About you, the player~

~About your Character~
*I will approve your character and help you if need be in creating a biography and record. Until then, don't worry too much about having to make a Bio. :-)Oh, and if you have a picture in mind for your character, I'd love to put it up with your character's biography. Unfortunately, I have no program nor the time to digitally edit the pictures to match the species. But, we'll find a way!*

Last, but certainly not least: A sample post

Make sure you've read through the guidelines on posting, then please include a short sample post according to the following situation. Use the position that is first on your list of 3 choices. Here's the situation:

You are in your quarters when suddenly the ship violent shakes. You hear the ship go to red alert, and you must make it to your station as fast as possible, contacting the appropriate people (if you need to).