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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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Special Attacks

Special attacks are used in battle. They are more powerful than normal attacks and help fighters destroy each other. You can pick a new Special Attack every 15 wins. These finishers are all low requirement Finishers. Low requirement Finishers require nothing. Experienced Char Finishers require at least 25 wins. Master Chars require at least 45 wins. Your ref chooses which special attack you get after defeating a boss, if you get one.

Hyper Slash The user of this attack slashes once with awesome force. Humanoids only(50)

Mega Blast The user of this attack fires a decent sized blast of energy. Powerful, but it still can't compete with its Finisher counter part. Reploids only (50)

Beam Wave: The user will fire a wave of beams that will hit every where but him/herself.(50)

Inforcer: User Sends Out A Dummy That Takes All The Damage Has 100 Hp And Can Shoot.Used Like Soul Body.

Steal: (items not so high chance-once per battle-1 item-50dmg+)

Mug: (money high chance-max of 150$-once per battle-50 dmg+)

Finishing Touch: Gives User The Finishing Touch To A Combo.(50)

Raybebite: User Runs Up And Bites The Opponent And Poisions Them For -50 Every Round Only Pets Can Get It. For a pet.

Spark Bomb: A bomb made out of electricity . (50)

Experienced Char Special Attacks

Nova Blade: A strong attack can only be used with a sword. (150)

Twin Sword: 2 The user will have two blades that are stronger. Humanoids only. (150)

Ground Hunter: The user will shoot a missile underground and it will blow up under the opponent.(150)

Fire Storm: The user will shoot a a storm of fire.(150)

Super Arm: The user will shoot his/her arm off and at the end of the arm has a turbo so the arm can go fast and hit the opponent hard.(200)

Junk Wall: The user will make a wall of junk that can block any thing for one turn.

Freeze Creature: The user has a creature that when it touches you you freeze on impact.(150)

Master Char Special Attacks

Metal Sword: The user will have a metal sword the can cut through things.(300)

Flash Bomb: The user will fire a flash of light that will burn the opponents eyes almost out.(300)

Time Alter: The user will stop the opponent for one turn and you can do anything.(Used usally if you have to do 2 things like heal and attack or something.)

Air Blower: The user will shoot wind at the oppoent and blow the oppoent away.(Aloso can blow other things.)

Plant Sucker: The user will send out a plant that suck 50% of the oppoents el and gives it to his/herself just for the match. (Can use for one turn.)

Gravity Hold: Puts preasure on opponent causing him to lose speed for turn. Also crushes opponent some.(275)

Nalplam Bomb: A bomb that explodes in the air and drops smaller bombs on the ground. Isnt to strong if only hit by 1. (350)

Charging Kick: The user will strike the oppoent with a hard kick. (300)

Gyro Attack: The user thrusts towards opponent and a great speed causes him/her to fall down losing a turn and damaging their system. (200)

Crystal Eye: A laser is shot from the Users eyes used to surprise enemy.(300)

Lightning Speed: Your speed triples for the duration of the battle making you dodge more attacks and increasing your rate of attack (150).


- Rare Items

- Other


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