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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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To go on a quest you have to have a ref to put you on it. The ref who is giving the quest makes up anything he/she wants to happen. When you are finishing up the quest the person has to fight a boss. After the quest is done the ref gives you your new stats, money, items, and your weapons(If you got any). If you are new to battling and not worry. I will train everyone who is lost. Your first quest must be an easy one, and you can only do one quest every 5 days. When your on a quest, you cannont battle others that are not on the quest..and after you still cant battle.

Quest levels

There are 5 types. The first is easy. Easy quests are the basic little venture out into the forest. There may be alittle action, but not too much. Good for new characters. The second is normal. Normal is your standard quest. It may involve looking for a certain item that you may perhaps keep for yourself, etc. Third is HARD. This is your basic hard fight. You may battle multiple foes at once, and risk losing. Not recommended for the weaker Heros. The Fourth type is a Gold Search. These pretty much just give you some quick cash, and may sometimes drop stats or not even help them at all. The cash sums are never too great either. The final type is the Team Quest. This requires a team, and you all go on a quest. Quest Vechicles can only be kept by a team and can only be used during quests. Each victory will not be counted as a win. For every 3 wins, you get 1 win counted. This goes for when you lose too. If you battle a Boss, the win is counted as an actual win and if u lose the lose is counted as an actual loss. When you have a group of people you can split up or stick together. Wins/Loses and all items/weapons that are gained from a battle are given to each person that took part in the battle. If one person dies in the battle, and it is not a Boss battle, the person does not get the win, but a lose instead.Email Me with questions, for answers.


- Rare Items

- Other


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