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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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Here are some accessories to buy. You can have as many as you want equpided.

Stock Upgrade: Allows the user to use an extra weapon in battle. Can be bought once. Price: 4,000

Buster Gun Upgrade: Upgrades Buster Gun. Becomes extremely powerful. Can be bought many times. For use with the Buster Gun. Gets more Effective every time. +200 EL. Price: 6,000

Palm Upgrade: This is also for use with the buster gun, but if you are a Humanoid, you must pay an extra $3,000 to have a buster installed. Allows the user of the weapon to fire blasts through the palm instead of through the medium sized cannon. Price: 5,000 for Reploids, 8,000 for Humanoids. (good for those in need of an extra hand..or those who want a buster.)

Self Destruct Chip: Allows user to self destruct. Causes massive damage. Might even destroy the opponent. Very good if you know you cant win, if both fighters die...the user wins! Price: 500.

Beam Sabre Upgrade: Upgrades Beam Sabre. Becomes extremely powerful. Can be bought once for each weapon. Very effectice. +200 Str. Price: 4,000

Back Up Chip: Use as an extra life. Once the keeper of these items runs out and they die again.... they dont come back instantly. Price: 1,500.

Auto Revive: This chip automatically uses energy capsules when you need them etc. Good for those who dont wanna waste a turn healing. Price: 1,500.

Upgrade: Boost up everything by 500. Only can be done once. Price: 5,500.

Magnet Shield: Forms shield around user which cannot be broken through easily. Price: 1,500.

Energy chip: Boosts up energy level+250. Can only hold two at max. Price: 2,500.

Strength Chip: Boosts up strength+250. Can only hold two at max. Price: 2,500.


Here are the current items. Carry as many as you want for battles, missions, or quests (unless said differently). You can only use items once then u must buy them back unless said differently.

Energy Charger: This item allows the user to charge one attack. Once used it vanishes. Price: 200

Energy Tank: Raise your EL by 100. Once used, it vanishes and affects wear off after battle. Price: 800

Stamina Pill: Lets you use the Finisher twice but 2nd time the damage is cut by 1/2. Only one per battle. Price: 750

Mega Stamina Pill: Lets you use your Finisher 3 times during a fight. Only one per battle. Price: 1,250

Energy Pill: This heals you for 500 Armor you can only carry two though. Price 1,000 (per pill).

Energy Bag: You can carry up to 5 energy pills in this. Price 1,200.


Use Weapons to attack. You can only have 2 equiped at once and the rest stay un equiped. To have 2 equiped you must buy the upgrade. The higher the price the more powerful!

Reploid Weapon

Buster gun: You start with this weapon. You can't buy another...unless you don't have one equiped Adds 100 EL. Price: 500

Pulse Rifle: Sends a pulse that can stun enemies on impact. Great if you want to get alot of hits in. Not to strong though. Adds 250 EL. Price: 1,500

Freeze Rifle: May Freeze Opponent. Good for a fire boss. Adds 300 EL. Price: 3,000

Air Rifle: Blows enemy away... good for people who fight people with B sabers. They will have some trouble trying to get close enough to attack. Adds 200 EL. Price: 1,000

Laser Shot Gun: Shots a spread of balls made out of lasers. If it hits someone it can cause massive damage. Miss 1/2x. Adds 300 EL. Price: 2,500

Elemental Buster: This Buster lets you use different elements in your attacks like Fire, Ice, Wind, Water, and Earth. Adds 450 EL. Price: 6,000

Sniper Buster: Shoots a shot that is invisible unless a person has Detector. This buster also makes the user invisible for 3 turns. Great for you sneaky people to use! Get trigger happy! Adds 400 EL. Price: 5,500

Humanoid Weapons

Steel Sabre: Your Basic Humanoid weapon. Again, you cannot buy another unless you dont have one already equiped. Adds 100 to Str. Price: 500

Mini Beam Sabre: A small sword with great mobility. Not to much power but hey, its cheap. Adds 200 Str. Price: 1,000

Beam Sabre: Your standard Beam Sabre. Not too shabby. Adds 100 Str and 125 EL. Price: 1,500

Laser Sword: A stronger type of Beam Saber. Use this to rip through someones armor. Perfectly Designed. Adds 350 EL. Price: 3,000

Large Laser Sword: A longer strong laser sword. Great in power and can melt almost anything in seconds. Adds 250 EL and 250 Str. Cuts speed down by 100. Price: 7,000

Power Sword: Has great intensive power on impact. Good for cutting enemies into nothing. Adds 250 EL and 200 Str. Price: 5,000

Dragon Sword: Made by Dr. Light and tested by Zero on his first mission to A secret Under Ground Base. It may have to do with Snake.... a sword with extending Beam. Adds 350 Str and 200 EL Price: 10,000

Virus Weapons

Claws: These claws are used for stabbing. Can slice through many solid objects. You start with these weapons. You can buy them again if you want. Gives 100 str. Price: 750

Laser Claws: These claws are also used for stabbing. They are very powerful, and can harm the user if they are not careful. Gives 200 str. Price: 1,250

Katars: These weapons are two mini swords fitted into claws. They can cause massive damage for characters just starting. Gives 250 str. Price: 2,000 Laser Katars: These weapons are two mini laser swords fitted into claws. They should not be under estimated. If used right, they can destroy small groups of humans in seconds. Gives 350 str. Price: 3,250

Hijoma Claws: This is one our smallest claws. They are light and extremely sharp. Gives 500 str. Price: 7,250

Hajamo Claws: These claws are our largest claws. They are very heavy as well. Many users suggest using its more advanced form, the Hijoma Claws. Gives 500 str and takes 150 sp. Price: 5,500

Towabae: These gloves have dark powers, only evil ones can have a chance to use this. If you wish to become evil, I suggest buying these. They have been given special powers from the dark one himself. Gives 650 str. Price: 10,500

TingPong: These gloves have holy powers, only good ones can use them. If you wish to become good, I suggest buying these. They have been given special powers from the good guy himself. Gives 850 str. Price: 15,500

Other Weapons

Pulse Grenade: a grenade with some great power. Hard to aim but once it hits...::throws grenade and watches it tear the dummy to peices::. 750 DMG each. Price: 1,000 Each

Entrapment Buster: Traps enemy. good for running away from battles or for setting up a good combo attack. Adds 200 El. For reploids only. Price: 3,000

Beam Scythe: The Ultimate killing tool! Go out and have fun slicing people to crap. This is a must have for all powerful fighters! Adds 450 str and 350 El. Price: 15,000


Plasteec Armor: Armor from the near future brought back by Megaman X when he came to help Mega man. Gives 2,750 armor. Price: 3,500

Plate Armor: Armor that has plates over plates of metal. Gives lots of protect at the cost of speed. Gives 4,000 armor and cuts speed in half. Price: 5,000 YinYang: This armor is a robe but it balances good and evil in the person making him a better fighter. Gives 2,000 armor, 500 el, and 300 sp. Can be worn over other armors. Price: 7,500

Yin: This armor makes the user more good than bad making him more respective to the earth adn nature( good if you use lots of Earth, holy, wind type moves). Gives 1,500 armor, 250 el, 150 sp. Can be worn over other armors. Price: 4,500

Yang: This armor makes the user more evil than good making him more destructive. Gives 1,500 armor, 250 str, and 150 sp. Can be worn over other armors. Price: 4,500

JangWong: Another mysterous metal, strong but pretty light. This too has plates over plates, but they are all blessed. Gives 4,000 armor, 100 el, and 100 str. Price: 6,000

Mythril Dragon Line Armor (MDL): This armor is the strongest armor built to this day. Built by the ancients, this armor was improved later by the gods. Gives 6,500 armor. Price: 8,750

Field Plate: This is armor is very thick and VERY heavy but you are able to take in an attack from your opponent without any damage for 3 turns. Gives 5,000 armor. Price: 8,000

Titanium Plate: This armor is one of the most powerful armors. It was first made by a brilliant man who never left a name with his invention. Gives 5,750 armor. Price: 7,500

Force Fields

Use Force Fields in battle to protect yourself against attacks. Only good for 3 turns every fight.

Regular: A regular force feild. Adds 1,250 Armor. Price: 5,000

Large: A large force feild good for blocking pretty strong attacks. Adds 1,750 Armor. Price: 8,000

Electro Magnetic Force Field: A lagre force field made of energy and other particals. Great for blocking very strong attacks. Adds 2,500 Armor. Price: 10,000

Hidden Force Field: This creates a force field that hides you from your enemy. Adds 1,500 Armor. Price: 6,000

Force Feild Upgrades

Strong Chip: Makes sheild stronger. Adds 750 Armor. Price: 3,000

Disable Refelct: Disables Oppononent and mimics his/her attack. Price: 8,000

Reflect: Reflects all long ranged attacks. Price: 4,000

Stun Close Range: If attacked by close range enemies are stuned. Price: 4,000

Fire Stopper: Stops fire attacks. Price: 4,000

Ice Stopper: Stops Ice attacks Price: 4,000

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