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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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New Char Finishers

These finishers are all low requirement Finishers. Low requirement Finishers require nothing. Experienced Char Finishers require at least 25 wins. Master Chars require at least 45 wins. Your ref chooses which finisher you get after defeating a boss.

Giga Attack: The user forms energy around his/her body, then thrusts forward and attacks the enemy. Good for tight situations. Virus only (250)

Ultra Combo : With this finisher the user does a combo of powerful punches and kicks to finish the enemy off. Good for weak opponents. Virus Only (250)

Mega Energy Blast : User charges energy to form a large energy ball and then fires at oppoent. This ball of energy can destroy a planet at times. Very strong move. A good desperation blast. Buster Required. (300)

Energy Disk : User form a flat energy disket that is able to cut thought any thing. Need at least one hand free to use this. Good for destroying multiple units. Humanoid and Reploids only (300)

Phoenix Blast : The user will fire a flaming blast which forms into a phoenix. The phoenix heals the user and thusts toward the enemy in a flaming rage. A very intresting move. (300)

Crystal Ice Shot : The user will shoot a blast that will freeze the opponent and case them to shatter in many peices. A must have! Humanoid or Reploid Only (300)

Ice Stab: User Throws A Sharp Peice Of ice that will freeze the oppoent. Virus Only (250)

Experienced Char Finishers

Flaming Uppercut: The user will have a flaming fist that will burn the opponnent. (450)

Body Scirrors: The user will shoot round shaped scissors that cuts up the opponnent numerously . (500)

Nova Strike: User jumps into the air and thrusts down and hits opponnent hard. (500)

Final Shot: Before User Dies They Fire A Strong Blast That Can Kill Or Badly Hurt His Opponent. Fires Automatically and only at death. (800)

Thunder God Stab: User jumps into the sky and and grabs a lighting bolt and throws it towards the enemy. (550)

Power Sword Shot: User thrusts his/her sword into enemy then Blasts him/her off the Blade. Humanoids only (600)

Aming Laser: User Aims A Laser At opponents Head And Steals A Chip From Them If They Have One (Low chance.)

Master Char Finishers

Lighting Web: User will shoot a web that will wrap opponnent and shocks him/her. (850)

Soul Body: Makes A Clone Of User And Has Half The Stats Of The Real Person. Cant Use Weapons/Items, Use Anytime You Want Only Once Per Battle.

Death Wind: Takes opponnent way into the air and then drops him/her to the ground. (950)

Acid Rain: The user will make rain come down and he/her will be protected and you will get hit. Can melt through almost anything. (900)

Ice Bubble: User Send Out bubbles of ice and frezzes opponent for 4 turns. (850)

Grenade Bomb: The user will throw a lot of grenades and will blow up the opponent. (975)

Meteor Shower: The user will have meteors come from the sky and hit the opponent. (975)

Double Team: Need a partner with same move can be used any time. The double team attack is finished by a massive assualt. Must be same race and both people must have(900)


- Rare Items

- Other


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