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The Ultimate Mega Man RPG

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Stats Updates

Enter The Battle Room . Here is the stats you get for Missions, loses, and Wins. Email Me new stats after missions and other things that need be updated. Stats from battles etc. When you win you must add 15 points into your el and str, 25 into speed, and 100 into armor. You then get an extra 75 points to do whatever with if your a reploid, 50 if your a humanoid, and 35 if your a virus. You will also get 300 dollars. You get a win on your wins/loses space. When you lose you add 10 into each of your stats and add 150 dollars to your money. When you die 3x, you cant fight anymore for the day. Add a lose to your wins/loses space also. On missions the person who puts you on the mission will decide the stats you get. You battle up to 5 times a day. Refs get paid $100 each battle they ref. I am to have checked the mission and agree on the stats increase.


Here I will explain how to fight. This is VERY simple and I will atempt to teach you TWICE AND ONLY TWICE (at most)! If you dont get it then 2bad. Anyway heres how it goes. Just look at the example then read the instructions below.After you find a ref (the speacially assigned Members that ref fights) and an opponent (other fighter)you then will do something like this.

1. Ref: Send Stats fighters.
2. Fighter 1 & 2: Sent stats.
3. Ref: Fighter one goes first.
4. Fighter 1: Fires blast of energy at Fiighter 2.
5. Ref: Go Fighter 2.
6. Fighter 2: Counters with his own blast.
7. Ref: Fighter 2's blast collides with Fighter 1's and they do no damage.
I will now explain the events in numbers. Number 1 is what happens after you get someone to fight and a Ref. In the example the ref's name is Ref. He 1st asks for stats from both fighters. Refs determine Damage and ref fights. Listen to them or else. Only People on the Refs page can ref, and you MUST copy the battle and send it to Me (Email link at bottom and top of page). I will check the battle over and makes sure its ok. Number 2 shows Fighter 1 and 2 sending stats to the Ref. Sending stats is simply done by Instant Messaging The Ref with your full stats.

Fighters one and two are called that just for example. After number 2 number 3 shows the ref explaining who goes first. Based off speed (sp) the ref decides. If sp is tied whoever has less str goes first. If your speed is double your opponents speed, you go 2x. If its 3x their speed, you go 3x..this goes on and on...In number 4 you see Fighter 1 Attacking. You can use weapons or Items in fights. You can punch and kick and make up your own little combos of punches/kicks. They wont be as tough as finishers though. Finishers are only allowed when the ref says they are. Dont pester the ref about it please. You Limit yourself. The main rule though is NO SAYING DAMAGE!

You are not the ref. I always get things like: ::runs up and slashes with beam sabre right to his head and steps on his brain:: That is basically saying..the person is dead. You cant do things like that...that pretty much say "YOUR DEAD ". YOU CAN THROW A PUNCH BUT NOT SAY DAMAGE! Dont get carried away either. Number 5 shows the ref telling Fighter 2 he is ready for him to go. Fighter 2 Attacks and could have tried to block, dodge, or counter if he had said it quick enough. Just saying counter etc. is good enough. The ref will give a good amount of time for fighters to say it. After number 5 number 6 comes (Duh!). Fighter 2 attacks and does damage. Countering etc. is allowed only 3x per battle.

After both Fighters attack and the ref says each persons damage intake. The process ( numbers 3-7) is repeated until someone dies. Oh and you can Run from battles!(The fight is done noboddy wins or loses....but you lose 300 dollars.) Damge is calculated by adding El+Str+weapon base. When you attack a group of foes, the damage is divided evenly into each foe. In some cases, special attack base or finisher base damages are added too. Special Attacks can be used only 3x at max during a battle and they cannont be used in a row. Finishers can only be used once. I REALLY WANT TO STRESS THAT POINT!

Refs Job

The refs job is to ref battles and calculate damage. They ref missions and Quests also. A ref is a good person to be and also is very much needed. Refs say damage and take it from Armor. Thats about it...Only a select few can ref. You must be good..and I gotta know you as a coo person etc. Email Me to become a ref. YES YOU CAN BE TURNED DOWN! Thats all about battling Email Me (Zero) for help on This topic.


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