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Liberation Of Light

This site is dedicated to those who play in or wish to join Ed3's Nightbane® campain, Liberation Of Light. Before you even start making your character you should know that this is a roleplaying oriented campaign and not by any means a hack and slash campaign (Ed can usually count on one hand the number of real fights that happen in my campaigns in a year). That is not to say there will not be danger and excitement or that your characters can’t die, it means that you will actually have to think your way out of problems rather than blasting your way out, and that the bad guys are something to be talked too not simply shot at. There are many situations in my games where combat is not only dangerous but suicidal and alternative solutions must be found, even the most powerful parties cannot directly confront gods and similar beings and hope to survive. That being said, if you are ready to play a character that not only thinks but develops friendships (possibly romances) with other characters (PCs and NPCs) then by all means continue. If you aren’t, stop reading now, you won’t like Ed's game, but if you want to see the requirements and OCC/RCC rulesClick Here!. For questions about the campain or if you wish to join please E-mail Ed3 . For any comments or suggestions on this site please, sign the guest book.

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What you should know about the campain.....

Characters and the NPC's who love them
Major Events and Timeline
Other Ed3 Co. Campains
Experience History and stuff you missed while you skipped out
Palladium Chat/Online Game Rooms
Other Sites That Are Cool, But Dont Tie Into The Game At All
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