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Intermediate Moves

Intermediate Attacks

All stats must be above 500,000 in order to use these

Move Description Ki Cost Requirements Damage/Add ons
Kamehameha (beam) An attack that is charged with cupped hands behind the back, then brought to the front with the arms outstretched, and fired 30,000 Dodanpo 50% of Energy
Rapid Beams (beam) The user shoots out many little ki beams at the opponent 20,000 Ki Control and En-Rage 30% of Energy
Destructo Disc (projectile) This attack creates a whirling circle of energy, which acts very much like a buzz saw and will cut through almost anything 21,500 Ki Control 33% of Energy
Masenko (beam) The user charges this attack with one hand behind the other above the head, then the hands are brought in front of the chest to fire the attack 26,000 Dodanpo 42% of Energy
Hadou ken (other) This is a smaller version of Spirit Bomb but it doesn't need take turns to charge 29,500 Power Transfer 49% of Energy
Special Beam Cannon (beam) An attack where the user puts two fingers on their head and concentrates very hard then realeases it all at the enemy creating a blast that is surrounded by another 28,500 Dodanpo and Rapid Beams 47% of Energy
Tri Beam (beam) It is performed by placing the hands in a triangle shape and shooting out the blast from this 7,000 from your hp Rapid Beams and Dodanpo 45% of Energy
Shouler Ram (melee) The user shoves his/her shoulder into the opponent's gut 19,000 Martial Arts 39% of Strength
Chou no Ryoku (other) This technique traps an opponent with very thin strands of energy, which drain away the enegy of whoever is trapped by them 18,000 Power Transfer and Magic Art Drains 4% of the opponent's Ki each turn for 3 turns
Continuous Shine Shine Missile (beam) The user fires multiple large balls of energy 22,000 Dodanpo and Rapid Beams 34% of Energy
Dynamite Kick (melee) The user kicks the opponent and creates a massive explosion at the point where the kick struck 20,000 Martial Arts and Ki Control 48% of Strength
Rock Scissors Paper Attack (melee) The user shouts "Jan Ken", then a name corresponding to the attack. "Jan Ken Gu", equals rock and will be a strong punch. "Jan Ken Chyoki", equals scissors and will be a poke in the eyes. "Jan Ken Pa", equals paper and will be an open palm strike 16,500 Martial Arts 28% of Strength
Shiyoken (Melee) Allows the user to sprout 2 extra arms from his back, thus allowing him to attack quicker and more often 20,000 Martial Arts Next attack is multiplied by 2 and can't be blocked or dodged
Fist of the Wolf Fang Gale (melee) The user charges at his/her opponent and unleashes a fury of kick and punches 21,000 Martial Arts and En-Rage 32% of Strength
Freiza Beam (beam) This is a thin, high energy beam shot from one finger. The beam slices through the target rather than exploding 23,000 Special Beam Cannon 36% of Energy
Ki Barrier (Defense) This technique involves the user forming a barrier of Ki around them that can withstand anything 18,000 Power Transfer and Solar Flare Blocks any attack Can only be used 3 times