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Welcome to the rules section of dark shadows shifters!


            All of the common sense IRC etiquette will apply to both in play and out of character conduct. Main st's have final say on in play rulings and all ops have final say on ooc conduct. But the most important rule of all 



          All characters will be made and played within Werewolf; The apocalypse Third edition. Character approval will be handled by Ken England AKA Lan^man-dragon. Email completed Char sheets to the above email along with Char pictures and/or backgrounds. Backgrounds and or pictures can also be mailed to the administrator of this Webpage to be added to the character section.


          A character background is not a requirement as is a picture. However it is great for personal development <aka Where you have came from, what have you done.> And backgrounds will grant you a determined amount of bonus experience based on the judgment of The storyteller.


          The setting is in a garou caern.. So there is a cap on bastet characters that has currently been reached. Please consult Ken England before making a non-garou character. thanks!


          The maximum rank a starting character may obtain is 1. Higher ranks are accepted on case by case basis and MUST have an excellent background to go along with it. Again Ken England has final say on a starting rank. top


          Back to backgrounds. Now as much of an optional thing it is, it is still beneficial to craft a unique and in-depth background. Why? For starters, it is a great way to get a feel for the character you are about to play. as a figure of speech it adds color to the sketching. And like before stated it can give the character some experience gained and possibly rank.


          What is in a background? This is the first thing you should ponder when imagining your character. Typically it all starts off with 

  • When / Where was I born?

  • How was my life as a child/pre-teen?

  • What happened at my first shift?

          Though seeming frivolous, this small bit of information is the foundation for witch to build the rest of the background story on. Gives a reference to nationality and possibly even ones birthright. Childhood events may justify certain merits and flaws.. Or even skill focuses. the skies the limit.

After that is established, you are almost done. Just a few more optional questions to ask yourself. 

  • How did my first change effect my life?

  • What did I do after realizing I'm not normal?

  • Was I found by a caern? 

  • Did I adventure alone for a while?

         This is the part that adds bulk to the frame. This is the part that in most cases will justify skills learned, enemies/allies gained or even area's known. Answering these 7 questions in the form of a short story will always equal a great storyline, adding a mystique or intrigue to the character. Of coarse these questions are not carved in stone, however that can be a great foundation block as to guide the background story. top