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Favorite Elfwood links - Reccomended site to find awsome charicter pictures

Here are some of my favorite artists. 

Remember, ask permission before using any of the artists pictures

For I will be referencing back to the artist's gallery from the pic page


Amy Ann Demint - a nice page of decently proportioned men and women

Benjamin James Redant - Another good artist. specializes in pencil art. Shades  very well

Emilie Goulet - Excellent fantasy art with pencil and shading, A must for elf seekers.

Jeremy J. Putnam - A skilled fantasy artist with some pencil shaded works as well.

Jeremy James Caulton - A budding comic writer. Has some funny content

Jessica R. Horst - Another one of the greats. Her soft edged supple pictures are a must see.

Meredith Dillman and - recommended for people who love fantasy art.    

Meredith M. French - This is the artist I obtained the Zuzynth picture from. Great artist 


Natalie Paquette - Last but not least. This artist should be paid for her work. She is one of the elite artists of though everyone that submits art to a website should be noted on courage few excel and come off as naturals at the art. 


Jonathan R. Brunner - Another decent artist of the pencil persuasion. A college student majoring in studio arts. With what i have seen on his site He will make a great career for himself :) 


Ryn' Day - Truly a talented anime artist. She is possessive of her personal art and respectfully requests that her personal art is not used. I put the link here for honorable mention only.