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DaemonDaemons are minions of the dark, powerful unnatural beings that come from the elemental planes to extend their reigns. For long years the thread of daemons seemed to have passed by. It was reported, that some brave mages managed to erect a dimensional shield that prevented those creatures of entering the spheres of Sosaria. Only a few daemons were left in mortal realms, most of them perished away with the time. But the power of the Hightower failed, the mages drawn into physical wars against warrior hordes from the south. Some of their oldest lore masters are now only a rumor told at campfires. Thus it became that the force shield protecting Sosaria from the elemental planes began to fade away and dimensional holes in this shield began to appear. Some lured men even hinted that certain spells who may create dimensional rifts dug too deep into these spheres. As a consequence, it has been reported that new daemonic creatures arrived at the spheres of Sosaria. Being very week on arrival, pushing their beings only slowly through the dimensional rifts, they are growing in their power and destructive force with every hour of their unholy existence. Books from the time of their last invasion only hint at the terror surrounding any full-grown daemon, reportet of their malevolent influence on people. Being mighty creatures of unnatural origin, the only salvation against their doing seems to be to banish them from the lands forcing them to build up their powers again before creating new havoc.