Text: Later that evening, in Kevin and Lana's room... (they share a room? Sheez, this can't be alongside the moralfighter's codex...)
Bubble (Lana): "But I SAW it, Kevin. I TOUCHED it! The FIREFLAKE... the only one in existance!"

Lana: "The FIREFLAKE was the price for my father! And I saw it in Samus' safe! SHE did it, Kevin... she KIDNAPPED my father for money!"
Poster: "REWARD! Her evilness Motherbrain will give the fantastic Fireflake to whoever captures and delivers KING CHARLES"
(King Charles of Videoland... that just doesn't sound right...)

Kevin: "NO! I don't believe it! We need PROOF!"
Lana: "I have all the proof I need. As soon as we're back in the palace I'll accuse her of TREASON!"
Bubble: "I don't think so."

Samus: "The hotel walls are thin... especially when you've go BIONIC ears. I'm disappointed. I thought we were allied... and now you're teaming up against me!"

Kevin: "Samus, explain to the princess that it's a misstake! The Fireflake isn't yours. There must be an EXPLANATION!"
Samus: "I don't HAVE an explanation. You'll have to find a ship and leave the Safe immediately. Our alliance is over."
(Slick. Reeeal slick.)

Kevin: "I don't understand. Her voice was so COLD."
Lana: "I will not leave without Samus, Kevin. As the guardian of Videoland I command you to bring her to justice."

Oh sweet...