Kevin: "Lana, I'm not your personal cop. Samus is a FRIEND! I'll do nothing until I've gotten her view of things." 'But if she's guilty? What will I do then?'

Kevin: "Wait here while I talk to her."
Lana: "Sorry Kevin, but I have to AVENGE my father!"
(That's not very lady like... oww!)

(You figure it out ;P)

Kevin: "Uuuh, what happened? It feels like I went six ronds with KING HIPPO! Duke, where's the princess?" (Dog can't speak. Goof.)

Kevin: "Redhot Microchips! Lana took my LASER! She's gonna attack Samus ALONE! Duke... we have to find them." (No shit, Sherlock)

Text: "However, in the cafeteria..."
Samus: 'I can't tell them the truth. They would never believe me... but if I don't say anything, I'll loose Kevin's friendship.'
Lana: "SAMUS ARAN!" (Duh!)

Lana: "You're hereby under arrest for crimes against VIDEOLAND! Surrender while you can..."
Samus: "By the craters of Metroid... she's got Kevin's LASER!"

No... REALLY, she DOES?