Lana: "Is THIS your spacesafe? Aren't you afraid you'll get robbed?"
Samus: "Never. The whirlkey opens a dimensional pocket on the other side of the door. Only the owner can open it."
Door: "Samus Aran. Private property. NO TRESPASSING."

Samus: "You could say that the inside doesn't EXIST without the key. What are you staring at?"

Kevin: "This is huge!"
Samus: "Yeah, I couldn't afford anything BIGGER."

Samus: "Lesse... I think the Medusaray is in corridor 30. Or was it 32? We get it, pack it onboard and relax with a glas of COMETBEER!"

Bubble: "Hey princess Lana! COME HERE! You have to see this!"

Oooh, sparkly! She doesn't look that happy though...