When Friends Let You Down

Textblock: "Kevin Keene was the best Nintendo player on Earth. Now he's a hero in a world where games like METROID, DONKEY KONG, PUNCH-OUT! and KID ICARUS is reality! The world is Videoland, where Keene os more know as..." "Captain N, the GAME MASTER!" (Dun, dun, dun!)

Bubble: "Wow! That place looks like a giant safe, Samus Aran!" (They've travelled for a few lightyears and still say each others' full name? Bah!)

Samus: "True, Kevin. It's the SAFE, safe haven for me and all the other SPACE HUNTERS in this part of Metroid."
Lana: "Space hunters? I thought you were HEAD HUNTERS... PIRATES hunting other people for the price on their heads."

Wow, two panels and the girls are already starting a catfight!