Samus: "You have to EAT, princess. Besides, your father approved to spacehunting. You can always ask him if you ever FIND him."
Kevin: "Please, Samus and princess Lana, don't fight. You're just a little tense!"

Kevin: "All of us are tense about this mission. We have to pick up one of Samus weapons... and we don't need more trouble." (AH! RISK RATE 10! WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!)
Samus: "I get it. We'll skip the fight, and I'll dock the ship instead."

Spacehunters: "SAMUS, SAMUS etc" (Not too hard to understand, eh?)
Lana: "You're pretty POPULAR around here!"
Samus: "Well... most of these people owe me. My own storage is on level 200! Come on, we'll take the GRAVIATOR."

Lana: "Tell us about this WEAPON you've got."
Samus: "The Medusaray? I found it on a dead planet. It can turn people into STONE and I'm sure it can REVERSE it."

Kevin: "Just what we need! Then we can free poor KID ICARUS from the curse of GORGON! At least we know that he patiently waits back home in the palace. He doesn't have any choice."

You're supposed to BEAT that, angel kid! And she's supposed to be a giant head in a wall...