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Under Construction, hopefully always. Please forgive the sparseness of the site; I'm trying to make it look good without it being visually distracting or hard to read. There's a lot of text on the site. If it helps, print stuff out.

Please people, I want response on this site. I contains quite a lot of my life's work, and I want people to recognize it. Please fill out the quizlets or the guestbook or SOMETHING! I know that most people don't like guestbooks, but still, just be nice to an old man, please?

Hello, and welcome to Arek's home page. Also known as Siva69, I have the incredible gall of thinking that this is potentially the biggest and most badass RPG site on the planet, with the most interesting content. Note that I said "potentially": right now, it is a mere shadowy fraction of what I intend it to be. Please note that I may not be on much longer; I have 10 Megs max, and already, with all the Turok pictures and such, I have 5 of that 10 filled in. With my plans to make this what it can potentially be, 10 Megs will NOT be enough.The main focus of this page is Final Battle, and the previous link will send you there. However, my previous page had some other stuff, too. So here it is.

But I do have another thing. It's called the RPG Project. You could start in that too.

Another thing is a Pokemon Creation page. I know that there are many such creation pages on the 'Net, but so what? Another one can't hurt. Send your stuff to me at (sorry, you're gonna see that e-mail link all over the site, and eventually maybe my ICQ number on every page. But some people need it repeated a lot.). Don't worry, I'm not a geeky Pokemon fanatic.

I have a Rifts campaign. It's mainly hack-and-slash, while the RPG Project, thanks to the fact that I made most of it up, is far more cerebral. However, I came up with a few kewl things. I'll put these on my Rifts sub-site.

I've created an FPS idea called Mariner. See the link to it.

I like general gaming and have played many games. Here are reviews, strategies, and much more for Games.

I love music. I have a huge collection. Check out my Music page.

In addition, my friends have started some other RPGs which may still have some slots open. There are:

Power Struggle


Oh, and by the way.... When you come up with a new character or a new rule or option or review, you can send it to me. I will give you full author credit. This applies to everything on this page.

I have a Links page. Check it out.

I might think about making an Animorphs RPG or some other stuff. In the meantime, I have created an Animorphs Site.

I have a chat.

Please fill out the guestbook. Insult me, swear at me, but just fill it out.

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