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~We are not a myth..or a fairy tale..We do the end of reality and the begining of your have uncovered our secret..believe in the will be one..of us....~

~Story Line~

A long time ago..there was a unicorn as night..created by a magician who had too much time on his hands..his name..was Amun Ra..the fabled name of the egyptian god of power..The stallion was proud and served his master well..yet he was very much one day..he went to the magician and asked him for a mare..the magician liked this idea and made not just one mare..but millions of them..stallions too..and he gave Amun Ra his own kingdom on a planet named Shatiza..where all of the unicorns reside today..

Amun Ra was alowed to choose any mare to be his Queen..he selected a crystal white femm named Marnia...together..they ruled the beautiful land in peace and harmony..Marnia gave birth to twin foals..a colt and filly...the filly was white as a pearl..they named her..Reowna..the colt was purest of ebony in color..he was dubbed..Khan..but there was a there were 2 heirs to the thrown..and ancient ways say there must only be one..Khan suggested a battle but Amun Ra did not wish his offspring to battle..and so..a decision was made..the lands would be divided..half to Khan where he would be king..and half to Reowna where she would be Queen..everyone loved this fate..or so they thought...

As Amun Ra grew did his adults..he decided it was time for them to obtain their kingdoms..the mighty steed stepped down from his thrown and sent Reowna to the west lands..Khan to the east lands..Reowna was pleased with this decision and bid her parents fare well before heading out..but her brother..was him..there should be no 'sharing' of these lands..he would have his revenge on his sister..and he would rule it all..years after Amun Ra passed on..Khan's lands grew shadowy and dark..while Reowna's stayed lush and green..she knew that one day her brother would try to overtake her lands..this could not be allowed..for khan had corrupted all of his land..she would not allow him to have her own..

So the war rages for for care..will it ever end? And do we want to know the outcome? You must now decide..choose wisely..for there is no going back..



~Reowna's Kingdom~ | ~Khan's Shadowy Kingdom~