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Main Characters pg 2

DO NOT steal this work. I have worked long and hard on this. So please, DO NOT STEAL THIS WORK! If you find someone who has almost this exact info. please contact me at I will appreciate it. Thank You!

Eiko CarolEiko Carol
Eiko's Quote:
"I don't wanna be alone anymore..."

Eiko Carol is from a rare species called Summoners. She is currently six yrs old and lives alone with Moogles at Madan Sari. See Moogles. The horn on her head symbolizes that she is a summoner. Garnet's horn was removed immediately after Queen Brahn found her. Eiko is madly inlove with Zidane and tries everything to get him. Unfortunately for Eiko, Zidane does not notice her love because he is inlove with Garnet. Eiko soon gives up. Eiko can summon the following eidolions: Carbuncle-a helpful eidolion (gives your characters reflect and protect), Madeen-Eiko's most powerful eidolion (I think it uses dark magic), Ifrit-a non-elem. damage eidolion, and Pheonix-a fire eidolion that also revives all of your KO'ed characters. It is true that Eiko has a few less then Garnet, but that comes with age and how Summoners develope. Unfortunately these are all the eidolions she can summon. (If I left one or two out please contact me). Eiko has a pet Moogle named Mog which she later finds out is actually the eidolion Madeen in disguise. Mog protects Eiko by transforming into Madeen when Thorn and Zorn try to take the eidolions out of her (like they did Garnets). See Thorn and Zorn under other characters. For images of Eiko, click here for her pics.

Amarant CoralAmarant Coral (Flaming Amarant, I also have reason to believe that his real name is Salamander Coral)
Amarant's Quote:
"The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."

Amarant Coral is a bounty hunter and one of the loners. He likes to work alone and claims that he works best alone. Zidane proves him wrong when they battle at Maidan Sari when he tries to steal the crystal there. Zidane does beat him and Amarant later decides to join the team. His weapon of choice is the claws. Like Wolverine but they fit over his hand instead of come out of his skin. Amarant later challenges Zidane in a race to find a certain room at Ispen's castle. Amarant makes it there first and is later found seriously wounded. Amarant still can't get what it means to be a team. I'm not sure how old Amarant is but I believe he is in his early 30's. Amarant does not take a likeing to Eiko because of his hatred of kids. He believes there annoying pests. Actually this is kind of ironic if you notice there last names. Amarant Coral and Eiko Carol. For images of Amarant, click here for his pics.

Freya CrescentFreya Crescent (this is a really crappy pic of Freya and I promise to get a better one. If anyone knows where I can find a better one please tell me)
Freya's Quote:
"To be forgotten is worse then death."

Freya Crescent is a rat. Yes a rat. But a very powerful rat. She is held in high regard by the people who know her. She is a powerful and skilled fighter. Her weapon of choice is the lance. I'm not sure of her age. She comes from Burmecia of the planet Gia. Burmecia is the city that never stops raining. It is home of the rat people. Freya was in love with (can't think of name as of right now). He left and promised to return 6 yrs ago. He had not been seen or heard of and was presumed dead. He had planned on seeing the world. Fortuantly, when he heard word of Clyria being destroyed See Clerya under cities for more info. Unfortunetly, (I can't remember his name) lost all recolection of anyone from Burmecia. Therefore forgetting about Freya.For more info on see other characters. For images of Freya, click here for her pics.

Quina QuenQuina Quen
Quina's Quote:
"I do what I want! You have problem!?"

Quina Quen is the same kind of creature as Vivi's adoptave dad Quan. Quina is a chef at the begining of the game at Alexandria Castle. He/She wants to travel the world with Zidane so she can try different foods. I say he/she because you can call Quina what you want. I'm not sure how old she is. I'm also not sure where these creatures originate at. Quina's weapon of choice is a giant fork. She uses Blue Magic. To attain his/her magic, she must eat enemy's. After eating them she learns a new Blue Magic attack. Blue Magic is the all round type of magic that is pretty much what the person (or thing) learns. White magic is more of a helpful magic, Black Magic being a harmful magic. His/Her favorite thing to do is to eat, of course, and catch frogs. Quina is found at Qu's marsh where she is taught by the Master Qu about the many types of eating. Qu tells Quina to go with Zidane to learn about different foods. I really don't know to much about Quina so please all you Quina fans, Send Me Info at For images of Quina, click here for his/her pics.

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