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Main Characters pg 1

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Zidane TribalZidane Tribal
Zidane's Quote:
"You don't need a reason to help people."

Zidane Tribal is a Genome. He originally comes from the planet Terra. A Genome is pretty much a mindless zombie with a tail, who waits for a spirit to live within them. Once they have a spirit in them they become like normal people. Genomes live for ever. Kuja is the only exception. See Kuja under other characters. Zidane is, of course, the main character and belongs to Tauntalus, a type of gang or group whos original intention was to kidnapp the Princess (Garnet) who actually wants to be kidnapped. He later falls in love with her. He is 16 yrs old and is described as a thief (which is what Tantalus is (a gang of theives, bandits, whatever you want to call them)). Tantalus is from Linblum. Regent Cid sent them to kidnapp the princess in order to save her. Regent Cid thought someting wierd was going on. For images of Zidane, click here for his gallery.

Garnet Til Alexandros 17thGarnet Til Alexandros 17th (Princess/Queen Garnet, Dagger)
Garnet's Quote:
"Someday I will be queen, but I will always be myself."

Garnet is the princess of Alexandria and is 16. She doesn't enjoy being the princess and wants to run away. That all happens thanks to Tauntalus. She is known as a summoner. She is a rare species that can summon eidolions or GF's as they are also called. These are almost like magic spells but an actual creature who does a special attack that can cause a lot of damage. Queen Brahn, her mother (or supposed mother), takes what Eidolions she has from her and uses them for evil to take over the world. She attempts to fight against Kuja (who is the one who actually got her started on this rampage). Queen Brahn is killed by Kuja in that battle. Therefor Garnet becomes queen. Garnet does get back the eidolions that Brahn stole but through battles and special stones. These are the following eidolions she can summon. Shiva-an ice eidolion, Ifrit-a fire eidolion, Atomos-a gravity eidolion (uses gravity to crush the enemy), Odin-an instant kill eidolion, Levethian-a water eidolion, Bahamaut-a non-elem. damage eidolion, and Ark-the most powerful eidolion who inflicts dark damage (Black damage). Garnet can only get this eidolion through a side quest. See Secrets. She later falls in love with Zidane. For images of Garnet, click here for her pics.

Vivi OrnitierVivi Ornitier
Vivi's Quote:
"How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don't exist..."

Vivi Ornitier is a Black Mage. He was actually the very first Black Mage made. Black Mages were created from black magic and there purpose was to destroy and obey certain people. Black Mages, of course, use Black Magic, hence the name. Black Magic is magic that is used to inflict damage. White Magic, on the other hand, is mostly cures and things to help others. Vivi is 9 yrs. old. In the begining, Vivi is not very good at his Black Magic skills. He later developes them and turns out to be a very powerful Black Mage. Black Mages were created by Kuja. Most Black Mages have a short life span. They don't live much over 2 years. Vivi is an exception. Kuja found that he wouldn't need the Mages for long so he decided to give them a shorter life span. He was prob. afraid of a retaliation, which prob. wouldn't hurt Kuja at all unless there were more then he could handle. In other words, A TON! Vivi was adopted by Quan at a young age, therefore Vivi always called him father. For images of Vivi, click here for his pics.

Adelbert SteinerAdelbert Steiner
Steiner's Quote:
"Having sworn fealty, must I spend my life in servitude?"

Adelbert Steiner is the Captain of the Knights of Pluto. He is Princess Garnet's protector and follows her around everywhere she goes. Steiner is 33 yrs old. He is an excellent fighter and his weapon of choice, of course, is the sword. Steiner falls in love with Beatrix. I'm not sure of her rank, but she also protected the princess and Queen Brahn, as did Steiner. Steiner never leaves the Garnet's side, she does get annoyed by this at times but she lets him be. Steiner is the only character that you use that is Human in the game. He is critized by Zidane a lot for being a bit "stupid" at times. Steiner never trails of from his duties, but can be a bit 'blonde' at times. For images of Steiner, click here for his pics

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