A Gamma World Hell Hole

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Chapter 56: ??



Ryhn sniffs around, almost wondering if the others are alright. She looks back at the Roosteriod and shrugs her shoulders. "Of all the damned luck..." she grumbles.


I just had to post... had to post.... Arroo? It just being me is weird as all hell.

The resident crazy spine-backed mutant freak, Ryhn.



Hey folks. RealLife™ has been punching left and right, but I think I'm ready to get back into the ring. If it's possible, I'd like to wait until there's a lull in the action and the GM in his infinite(?) wisdom can fit me back into the game.

In the meantime, this goat is going to rest his bones and contemplate his laser.



Hiya chibikonatsu! Stramagix was actually mentioned at the beginning of the G2/G7 post in Chapter 53 and again indirectly at the end of the G2/G5 post in Chapter 55. In the latter post, it turns out that KJ-130, the robot bartender at the Starport Bar, needed Stramagix to fill in while it looked for Jake.

In your absence, your Goatman has become somewhat of a permanent (and useful!) resident in the bar. Feel free to roleplay your character's brief stint as bartender, though right now you are alone in the bar, and it may be a while before the GM gets back to your group. He's gotta get to G4 first, and then G1, and though his wisdom is finite, the lag between GM posts is pushing infinity!

See, you haven't missed much!




Stramagix begins tinkering with the refrigerator, talking to himself to pass the time. Or he could be talking to someone else. There really isn't any way to tell.

"And Stramagix askgods, what is Stramagix's purpose? And godssay, you stayhere. Givebooze. All things likebooze. Except godsmetal. Godsmetal makes angry noises when givenbooze. But now Stramagix asksgods, there ismore, yes? Stramagix meetmany heroes. Brave menand women. Strangemen and women. Butbrave. And so, why does Stramagix not go too? Be hero. Find godsmetal. Maybe food."

[Welcome back, Goatman!




Could I get the news on the new adventure? Is there a space open?

Dr. T



Welcome back Dr. T! I suggest you do some catch-up reading. Your character has been strung along for a while in your absence. The archive of this adventure, starting from your last post, can be found at Chapter 28.

Read forward from this page and you can catch up on all that has happened since your last post. Dr. Templeton is last mentioned in Chapter 49 at the Starport tavern. Presumably he's hanging out with the local patrons.

Once you're caught up, feel free to jump back in. Of course, the gammaworld_gm is happy to welcome back all posters. At least, I think so. <toothy grin>

(P.S. You came back just in time. The last GM post for the group at the Starport Tavern included some inactive-character "untimely demises." Get back in while Dr. Templeton is still alive! Heh!)

Ben/Howie the cute Duckoid



Hiya dr_templeton!

And welcome back! Things are slow here, but word on the street is the GM's working on the next post for G4.

Your character is likely not presently in the Starport Bar, though he probably frequents it. Feel free to role-play some interaction with Stramagix, the bar's permanent Goatoid on your return.

Hang in there, true-believers!



Captain Leghorn

<> [~Captain Leghorn~] "I say, I say there, maybe thats a Fantasy Planet where everyone's fantasies come to life?" <> [~Captain Leghorn~] "Zzzzz-ukk-zzzz." <<[[Captain Leghorn, later]] You wake up groggily, painfully. Your bones feel like they support a crash test dummy. Dozens of sharp needle-like pangs afflict your first movements, and that's when you realize you're on top of Rhyn. You both look like you've seen better days. Doubtless, your Regeneration mutations have saved you. You pry yourself off carefully, bleeding in several places where her quills punctured you. Around you is a massive mess of several office cubicles, like something huge stomped right through them. Geo is missing. The doors in the vault are wide open and you cautiously peer over her around the corner into the vault as Rhyn stirs.>> [~Captain Leghorn~] "I say, I don't know, maybe god loves me." [[~Rhyn1~]] "Whaaaaaaaa??!" [[~Rhyn2~]] Starts laughing hystericly. [[~Rhyn1~]]"No creature would voluntarily make an idiot of itself!" [~Captain Leghorn~] "Am I getting through, I say, through to you? Obviously, you don't know me that well! I sure could use some Glagnar's Human Rinds - There a buncha, muncha, cruncha... human. They have good cholesterol in them, but spread like bad cholesterol." [[~Rhyn1~]] "Red, why must you analyze everything with your relentless dumb logic?" [[~Rhyn2~]] [angry] [~Captain Leghorn~] "I say, its my gift to humanity." [[~Rhyn1~]] "Now what's your secret escape plan?" [~Captain Leghorn~] "Uhh..I guess to sit here and wait for death." [[~Rhyn2~]] [thinks vengefully] [Turn left at the shelter for homeless robots]

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