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July 29, 2000 is a day that will go down in infamy. On that day, several related websites were shut down under mysterious cicumstances, including two that housed thriving play-by-post campaigns. This adventure lost its first 267 posts (comprising the characters' first adventure) in this Great Website Holocaust™ of '00, and although the posts continued at a new site, this archive (indeed all of PBPArchives) was inspired to prevent such a catastrophe from recurring.

Here is an attempt to reconstruct the lost posts in narrative form, mostly from Jonn's perspective. Past tense is used out of respect for history. Following this prologue, the archives continue in play-by-post fashion.


On a crisp, clear New Mexico morning in the spring of the year 2261, the great city of Albuquerque died.

The sequence of events which caused the death of five million people began with the malfunction and failure of a reaction control force-field in the world's largest megafission reactor. A chain of coincidental failures, which according to all probabilities never should have happened, did. One by one the safety system's back-up fail-safe devices were engaged, and one by one they fused, short-circuited, and failed. In one searing moment the homes, businesses, theaters, parks, and inhabitants of Albuquerque, New Mexico, vanished in a wave of blinding light and furious energy. All that remained was a seething pit of flaming, molten earth 25 kilometers across.

Many miles away at the city's small Starport, a few lucky travelers saw the thermal flash and watched as the city rose into a boiling cloud of glowing radioactive dust. When Albuquerque's powerful broadcast power stations disintegrated, the Starport was plunged into darkness. The few remaining broadcast powered cars, bereft of energy, ground to a halt. Swiftly the back-up power plant was engaged but, to the survivors' horror, the Starport's ultra-radar revealed that the radioactive cloud was moving quickly toward them. With desperate speed they evacuated the Starport and shut down the emergency power plant, leaving the station's robots and other devices in powerless immobility.

Days later, survivors returned to the Starport for the stores of preserved food and water left there during their panicked evacuation. They found that the radioactivity remaining in the area was too great, and the Starport was abandoned permanently. Eventually Albuquerque was rebuilt dozens of miles away from its old, poisoned location, but as the decades passed people forgot about the abandoned Starport. Now, more than 200 years later, the radioactivity is gone and only a barren desert and hills remain, as does the Starport. The once powerful power cells have only enough juice to light the Starport's bar. The year is 2471.


  1. The Starport Tavern
  2. Roadtrip
  3. Oad-Ck-Factory
  4. Captain Leghorn
  5. Blackbeard

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