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Tedra Silvertalon 10th Lvl Ranger

If you have looked here before, Tedra has changed since she was listed on this site.  (The original group fell apart, and this original group from Temple hasn't adventured together in MANY game years, but we've found another and Tedra was used to continue on other adventures.  Perhaps I'll get the others up here that she now adventures with.)  But this was her original description:

Tedra was originally Tedra Drago.  She's married now...I'll give you three guesses as to who she suckered into the eternal writhing bowels of matrimony.  He lives in Hommlet...He's a ranger too...He was an agent of the Viscount of Verbobonc at the beginning of Temple.  Still haven't guessed?  Elmo.  That's right!  Since when did Elmo get a last name?  I had to make one up of course.  I figured since he had such a terrible first name I had to manage something halfway decent for a last name.  I mean, he's cursed with the name Elmo...why add to the torture when several players asked suddenly what his last name was after they were married and say...umm...Elmo Dinkerstittle...yeah...that's it.  They have a set of fraternal twins now and live in a cottage about three miles outside of Hommlet.

Tedra is not like most rangers.  She's more outgoing and talkative than the average person, especially considering what one would expect from the normal ranger in the bushes.  She was raised in a city and actually enjoys visits to Greyhawk. Believe it or not, she tends to be the most hot-headed of the group.  Or perhaps I should say she's a bit impulsive.  She has a high wisdom, but mingled with an average intelligence sometimes during the heated mess of combat she simply acts before she's thought her way completely through something.  (i.e. jumping onto the back of a really pissed off dragon...not the smartest thing in the world to do.) Tedra has a very strong bond for family and tries incredibly hard at her relationships with her husband and children, and has even managed to keep her older brother and her father nearby in Hommlet. Both are accomplished and well-seasoned fighters and following the systems for weapon mastry her father is a Grand Master with the longsword and her brother a High Master.  Tedra would have probably become a fighter herself, but being the last born of four she was mostly left to her own devices and eventually found her way to the forests around her home where she began to pick up her trade.

Currently, Tedra is much older now, surprising how quickly game time passes.  She is nearly 40 or just at 39, can't remember exactly.  The date with this group is nearing spring of 593.  She looks no more than her late twenties, though.  She found some potions to play with after her new group was attacked by...hell I don't know what the hell they were, but every hit had an aging effect.  And naturally they got hit a whole big bunch. If  I remember correctly they were some type of monkey, demon thing, had telekenisis too.  Everytime they tried to flee the room one of the creatures would (so it seemed) levitate a party member.  That was quite a show, let me tell you. The group she runs with now may be quite a powerful bunch...but that doesn't mean much when your DM can balance that with the correct spattering of creatures and encounters.  

She's still married and their twins, Cain and Nerina, have gone off on adventures of their own at the ripe old age of sixteen with various relations of theirs (cousins from their mother's original birthplace) and are actually doing quite well for themselves in the boxed set "Night Below an underdark campaign."  Nerina..well, naturally became a Ranger like her parents, and Cain became a Militant Wizard. (kits can be fun)  BUT, that's another story...

Why does Tedra have the longest description of everyone?  Jeez, I'd have thought you would have figured that out by now...she's my character. ;o)

And before you faint, laugh, or harumph at her 19 strength, she got that from reading a Manual of Gainful "Aerobics"...or whatever the one is that raises strength a point.

Tedra Silvertalon:  S19, D 17, C 17, I 10, W15, CH 16; AC-3; HP 90; AL NG; Human

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 116

Age:  40(natural) 26(apparent)

Eyes:  Green

Hair:  Black

Diety:  Ehlonna

Extinguisher, +3/+6 Intelligent Frostbrand

Short Sword of Quickness +2

Elven Chain +4