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   Our Famous Characters From Oerth

Here are some of the character's that actually made the cut.  Those that survived the trials I continuously threw at them and managed to make a name for themselves and picked up some mighty fine magical items along the way.  These types of characters can be rare and far between, and once you have a character like one of  these they somehow become very dear to your heart.  At least to the players that created them and spent so much time detailing backgrounds and personal histories for them.  

This group contains the characters that made it through Temple of Elemental Evil.  They managed to go all the way through without dying except for one when they were still on the first level of the dungeon.  The magic-user/cleric.  But the rest of the gang got together, took her body to her church in Verbobonc and wailed and whined and cried and begged the High Priest to restore her life until I actually decided to do it.  There was of course was no price for performing such a spell, resurrection being an incredible feat for a cleric, so all they had to do was agree to a simple quest suitable for a group averaging fourth level.  They had to go kill the neighborhood dragon that happened to have in it's possession the body of one of the church's saints.  Many had been sent and of course none had returned.   If they would agree to this quest, he would restore their friend and if they succeeded he would offer everyone a get out of jail free card (a resurrection) with said church. This made everyone a bit sick realizing what a monstrous creature this was going to be to offer such a reward. Upon accepting this quest the magic-user/cleric was restored to life (making her resurrection survival by two points I might add), and off they went....I never meant for them to return to claim so covetous a reward...not to mention the dragon's horde.

The dragon was Vesicant...some of you may know her.  She was a dragon in a small adventure in an old Dragon Magazine. Very young, only thirty hit points, but crafty and cunning.  Her first attack was of course her breath weapon, and oh, glorious day, I thought when every last one of them missed their saving throw.   In that one attack, they all lost thirty hit points, the poor magic-user/cleric being knocked unconscious, nearly dead again.  When they charged her, she knocked over two huge basins containing thousands of silver agates slowing their movement and used her wand of polymorphing to turn the Paladin into a dog.  Oh, I was giggling so behind my screen.  Then the damn ranger who was wearing a pair of Boots of Striding and Springing leapt into the air aiming to land on Vesicant's back.  Of course Vesicant shot off magic missile at her as she passed and the ranger managed a swing at her face with penalties applying and still hit.  Would you believe the ranger landed, made her dex roll, and got on Vesicant's back with hit points in the single digits?  Next round, naturally I lost initiative. The ranger plunged down with her sword and I'll be damned if she didn't hit with a natural twenty (we play nat twenty as double damage).  The roar from the table was incredible. Then I just shook my head silently to myself when the dwarf fighter's turn came and announced he was throwing his spear at Vesicant.  It hit and she dropped like a rock with only four hit points left. So they got the treasure, and got the resurrections...I was stunned.  (The greedy bunch spent two gaming sessions planning the removal and then transporting the treasure.  I've never seen plans so air tight. Greed, greed, greed.)  I guess that'll teach me, won't it?  I, being the DM, could have managed all sorts of things to limit the treasure that was there, or plotted out a few things to interfere with their little plans to get home with their loot.  But I decided they beat her, I was the one that sent them of course, and to go ahead and let them play and have their fun.  They now have a stronghold from all that money that they've built about a half-mile from Hommlet called Forest Haven.

I do have to say, though, that these characters below have got to be the most incredibly detailed characters my players have ever created.  This group is the most loved of my players and entire gaming sessions would sometimes digress into activities concerning their everyday lives during breaks from the Temple.  It was quite refreshing actually to just stop with the slaughtering and get down to basic roleplay dealing with people doing nothing more than interacting with NPC's all evening long.

And here they are:

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