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Marcus Alamanther 9th Lvl Paladin

Marcus is by far the most quiet member of the group.  He's the party's leader and he does his job with a quiet dignity and is ready to listen to any offered ideas from all.  Well, almost all.  He clashes quite often with the dwarf Falgon.  His alignment clashes greatly with the willful dwarf who sometimes does his own thing to the utmost surprise of all and at the most unexpected times.  The others refer to Marcus quite regularly as a stick in the mud.  While everyone else is whooping it up and having a great time drinking and eating at the Inn of the Welcome Wench, Marcus is usually at the temple of St. Cuthbert in town.  

Although he is quite capable of a good laugh and a bit of dry humor at times, he prefers to sit back with a slight air of authority, somewhat like the father watching the children play.  He's been known to interrupt conversations with a disapproving grunt or stare when things become a bit lewd or brash.  The other tend to tolerate this with a slight apology and move out of earshot of the Paladin.  All but the dwarf who doesn't hesitate to offer a bit of advice on what he thinks Marcus should do, or have done to him for that matter, to alleviate his stiff attitude.  And it's usually quite vulgar.  Marcus takes it all in stride though, and will debate for hours on the importance of the beliefs he carries that keeps him in good standing as a Paladin, a man, and with his god.

Marcus Alamanther: S 18/76, D 14, C 16, I 11, W 13, CH 17 AC -5; HP 70; AL LG

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 211

Eyes: Gray

Hair:  Black

Age: 39

Deity: St. Cuthbert

Holy Avenger +5 (a long story believe me)

Plate Mail +4, Shield +2