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Falgon Battlehammer 8th Lvl Fighter

Falgon is rather handsome by dwarvish standards, and although his attitude can sometimes be less than pleasant he has a way about him that the others enjoy.  He and Tedra share a special kind of rough and tumble, playful relationship and although he would rather bite off his tongue than admit it aloud, he also enjoys the company of the wily half-elf Gabriel.  No one knows the reasoning behind Falgon's haphazard behavior, but there is a good one.  Once upon a time, Falgon was as lawful good as any hill dwarf, but the accidental death of a female dwarf dear to his heart changed all that.  He lost faith in many things he held dear and his attitude toward life and his actions changed drastically after that point.

He has retained his good humor however, but he is given over to moods of black meloncholy. So he is either playing crude jokes and laughing, or brooding silently somewhere.  The one thing that happened that struck everyone the strangest (which it shouldn't have with his unpredictable alignment) was the relationship that developed between Falgon and Draga's son. (We'll get to her story in a minute)  He became incredibly attatched to the boy and has become somewhat of a surrogate father for him.  He even went to the church where he was given the ressurection for killing the dragon and asked that it be given instead to Draga's son.  He plans on turning him into a fighter and Draga has seemed to give in with a bit of humored resignation.  

Falgon Battlehammer: S 18/59, D 17, C 17, I 10, W 10, CH 14; AC -3; HP 78 AL CN; Dwarf

Height:  4'2"

Weight: 147

Eyes:  Blue

Hair: Black

Age: 78

Deity: Muamman Duathal

Plate Mail, Shield +2

Short Sword +3, Hand axe +2