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I know this page concerns the famous, but I have a few infamous characters in my low level group running through the campaign Temple of Elemental evil. The thief, arrested at first level for successfully picking a pocket but caught by the owner of the Inn in Hommlet, is now hanging on the gallows after being imprisoned and spitting in Sir Rufus' face. Poor guy never had a chance. Or how about our fighter, killed in the moathouse by, yes, non other than a dead poisenous adder. Take it from me, even though a snake might be out of hit points and decapitated, you do not want to reach into its mouth to take its' poison sacs, especially when the dm rolls a 19. And after being bitten and poisoned once, do not attempt to stomp on it's head, especially when the dm rolls a 20, because the fangs will wind up through your boot and poisening you again. needless to say, goodnight fighter. Until another dies, your faithful supplier of comedy.....

Aragorn the Ranger

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