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      The Adventurer's Guild

Hello everyone and welcome to the Guild.  Pull up a chair and tell us a tale or two about your travels across the Flanaess over your cup of ale.

Is there a character of yours that attained a certain amount of importance to you?  Is he/she the one character that stands out above all the rest?  The one you actually think you might cry over if he/she were to get killed?  Or perhaps the one you did cry over when they were slain but told everyone you just accidentally hit yourself in the eye with a d4?  Write and tell us all about them.  Are they still alive and doing well, or did they meet an untimely demise by your DM?  I know you want to talk about them, maybe give their stats,  name a few magic items they have, tell about their history, what they look like, and a description of their adventures.  Go ahead and tell their story with all the enthusiasm I know you want to use.  I would like to get a nice little collection of adventurers to gather here in the Guild House.  

And remember characters begin to get posted, they are not NPC's nor are they pre-generated PC's.  We have a page with a whole list of NPC's to choose from. *bites tongue..a page forthcoming with a whole list of  NPC's*  The guys and gals listed here are PC's that their players are very proud of so please...out of respect...don't use any of these adventurers.  They're just sitting here in the Guild House, minding their own business and want nothing more than to tell you about their adventures!  So listen to their tales and then write to us and tell us your own!

A few words

Feel free to tell as much about your favorite PC as you want.  The more info the better!  We wanna hear about them!  Please put "Adventurer" in the subject of the e-mail for me.  Now go!  Get busy and write about the PC you're the most proud of.

Our Famous PC's of Oerth

A word from Aragorn the Ranger

Uncle Buford shares an 'adventurer'  (See his editorial in the DM's Tavern)

BobJester honors us with two of his favorites

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