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July 29 (T.Gohan): I found a layout! Now we'll be ready to open soon! I cleaned out the picture files, so now that won't get overcrowded.

July 30 (T.Gohan): I fixed the links and put the appropiate words on them. Gave the Layout to Cell so we could start altering the other pages.

August 1 (T.Gohan): Cell and I have begun to change the other pages. Only a few are done so far. Soon my son...

August 2 (Cell): T. Gohan and I are planning on some changes to some old stuff. We are also finishing the change from our old pages into the new layout. This rpg will be much better then it was before.

August 4 (T.Gohan): Cell and I worked hard this night/morning. All of the pages are now using the new layout, no mistakes of any kind. Now all we need is to tweak a few things here and there.

August 5 (Cell): I found a problem with a link on the side bar. The attacks page could not be accessed. I had to go to every page and edit the side bar. (real pain). I also continued working on the attacks page. Everything seems to be running smooth.

August 17 (T.Gohan): After my week-long hiatus, I've come back, and Cell and I got some work done. The attacks have been trimmed, altered, and sorted. The items have been sorted and are in the process of being trimmed (the weapons list is done). The chatrooms have been trimmed as well. The anticipation is rising, because we're almost ready to open (I've said it before, but look around, it's true).

August 18 (T.Gohan): It was revealed today that we're changing how stats are gained, for the better. I don't want to go into detail because it'll be best to find out yourself. I also added an Old Update page under the email addresses so you can track our progress from the start.

August 22 (Cell): I have been working on the planets pages (and still continue to) since the 19th. I want them to be good and have a fair amount of activities per planet. I still have much work to be done, but all the hard parts are completed. Gohan here, I decided to butt in. The rules have been edited, what you see on the rules page is final. I started working on the Jobs page, and finished the Jobs page. Cell edited some of the items as well. Things are going well.

August 24 (Cell): Planets are still being worked on. I have found 10 opponents to challange while in the Next Dimension. Still need to make bios for each of them, but aside from that, and getting some chats, planets are almost done. This is Gohan butting in again. Everyone remember, we are NOT open at the moment, and will give notice before a week before we do, in which you can join.

August 28th (Cell): I have completed the planets pages (finally). I still have to check them over, but they are basicly done. Now all that is left are items and a few others.

Septenmber 3rd (Cell): We had a small error. Some pages deleted. Will be edited soon.

September 17 (T.Gohan): Anyone and everyone who IMs me asking if this site is done yet will be promptly ignored and sent this link. Check the freaking website for news!

September 21th (Cell): The Self-Taught attacks are pretty much done. All that is left to do is the normal attacks and we should be completed with the site. It is about time. Also, if anyone IMs me about the site, and pisses me off, I will end up annoying the hell out of you. If you are just curious of the current status, you should have read this already, or don't bitch while IM me.

September 30th (Vegeta): Yeah, it's still me, but I changed my character from Cell to Vegeta. We've updated some moves and started adding pics to the site. We need to fix the Dragonballs page and a few others. We're getting close.

October 19th (Vegeta): I am pretty damn pissed. My computer is busted for the time being. It happened on the 12th. Today is the first day I have been online since then. I won't be able to work on the site for some time. Sorry bout this.

Welcome. We're almost ready to open.