Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr

These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

X'dros ambles in from the wide green commons outside.

Kasmira is seated on her bunk, sewing her robe, but looking disturbed, not to mention upset. Not to mention guilty - she keeps sneaking looks at Elfarren.

Elfarran is sitting quietly on her cot, oiling Nightsky and concentrating on him without looking around at the others getting ready for their chores.

X'dros strides inside, letting one of the smaller Candidates duck out under one lifted arm. "Robe check!" he cheerfully declares, eliciting a few groans and some excited chatter. "No, they're not humming yet, but we need to make sure you're not going out there in your all together."

Elfarran looks up, her face looking a little drawn, and places her lizard on her shoulder, before getting up and digging out her robe.

Kasmira is one of the ones groaning, shakes out a /long/ length of half-finished white robe. But she keeps her head down, eyes on the floor.

"Very nice, Wallia - though you might want to bring that hem up a bit. This isn't a Gather," X'dros adds with a smile to remove any sting. "Rothan, very nice - we Searched you from WeaverHall, didn't we? Thought so. Amalia? Also very nice." This brings him around to Kasmira's bunk.

Kasmira looks up at the rider, face troubled. She continues holding out the robe for inspection, silently."

X'dros says "Looks good, Kasmira - you've done this before, right?" He doesn't wait for a nod before plunging on, "So you know how long it should be. Any questions?"

Elfarran stands waiting, looking down at her robe and then shaking it unfolded so it can be checked for length.

Kasmira shakes her head. "No - not about /this/. But yes, I've stood before." She runs a hand through tangled hair. "Can I get thicker sandals this time?"

Valenti ambles in from the wide green commons outside.

"Sure," X'dros agrees as he heads for the next occupied bunk. "Just check with Murione. Chester - Chester." The tow-haired teenager hopefully holds out a dirt-stained pillowcase. "Don't think so. At least cut armholes, hmm?" Moving on... "Elfarran. That looks good, too. Any questions?"

Elfarran is standing in front of her cot, holding up her finished robe. Upon being addressed, she looks up, turning slightly flushed, "No, sir."

Valenti gets four steps inside the door when she realizes that all is not the norm here. Pausing quietly for a moment to peer after X'dros, she eyes the door, then shrugs and makes her lanky way along the bunks.

"Good enough," X'dros replies easily, moving on to check out other robes. He nearly walks into Valenti before pulling up, then steps to one side of the aisle to let her pass. "Robe ready for checking?"

Valenti nods amiably, sliding to one knee before her press to open it and rummage. "Of course. That's the /easiest/ thing I've been assigned to take care of these sevendays." A neat white package is pulled out, and she peers toward X'dros. "Are your hands clean?"

X'dros quirks a dryly amused eyebrow. "Why don't you just pull it out and let me look at it?" he suggests instead. "Everyone else," he adds over his shoulder, "If I've looked at your robe you're free to do whatever you'd like."

Kasmira sighs. "Do you know where S'renn is? I've got to talk to S'renn."

Elfarran flushes a little more, folds her robe back up neatly and puts it away, then goes back to sitting on her bunk, staring at her hands and waiting for it to be time to go to chores.

X'dros says "Cedeth tells me that Onareth's... what? Oh, he's not at the Weyr. Onareth won't tell him where they are, though."

"I'll take that as a 'no'," Valenti chuckles, shaking out the cloth. Pristine and neatly sewn, the crisp material has sharp creases from being folded and stored. "Whatcha think?" A curious glance is given Kasmira.

Kasmira frowns, sliding off her bunk and leaving the half-finished robe behind in a crumpled mess.

X'dros examines Valenti's robe, nods approvingly to length, hems, and all those other good things. "Looks good. All right, I think that's everyone's... did I miss anyone?"

Valenti gives the rider a slight bow and carefully folds her robe again before stowing it. "Faranth help 'em if you did." She heads determinedly toward Kasmira.

Elfarran speaks up, very softly, "I do not think you did, sir." She bends over, pets her canine, then pulls out a hide and starts studying it intently.

X'dros waits a few moments longer as more sounds of negation come springing from every corner of the barracks. "That's good, then. All right, I'll see you all later."

X'dros walks off northwestwards to the wide green commons outside.

Kasmira says "Elfarren, I'm going to tell S'renn."

Valenti halts, eyes narrowing. "You're going to tell him the bells were your idea." It's more statement than guess.

Elfarran looks up, then shakes her head, "Its alright. I would rather no one else get in trouble for this." She looks back down, "Besides, its only for a little while longer."

Kasmira nods. "It's not fair you're getting punished for it. I'm going to tell him."

Valenti sighs. "She's right, Elf." She casts Kasmira a sharp look. "I'm not letting you do this alone."

Elfarran shakes her head slightly, "It really is alright. Maybe its better that he _is_ upset with me." That makes sense, really.

Kasmira just frowns at Elfarren. "That's nonsense, Elf - and Val, you weren't in this."

Valenti snorts. "Elf, don't be a fool. If anything, frankly, kinda tired of watching ya mope." She folds her arms. "Yes, I was. If I hadn't gone on and on about how strong Seizer was and how he could carry dozens of bells..." The young woman shrugs. "Just cause I wasn't in on the execution of the plan doesn't mean I'm not partly responsible."

Elfarran sighs softly as she goes back to staring at her hands, "But, I knew Onareth is scared of his own shadow.....I shouldn't have agreed."

Kasmira looks at Valenti, pulls a wry face. "I'm sorry you didn't get to be part of it!"

Valenti snickers, as dryly amused as X'dros a few moments earlier. "Me too. Elf, there's no sense in beating yourself up about it. You're sorry, you're taking way too much punishment upon yourself- get past it and go on. I doubt S'renn hates you."

Elfarran looks up and shakes her head, "It almost be better if he did." Sheer nonsense, of course, but then she looks like she's back to not sleeping well again.

Kasmira closes her eyes. "Oh, for Faranth's sake... WILL you stop that, Elfarren?"

Valenti looks exasperated herself. "Just keep this in mind, Elf- if you make yourself sick with all this moping and losing sleep, you won't be able to Stand." She turns to Kasmira. "Shall we go to our doom?"

Elfarran blinks slowly, "Stop what?"

Kasmira says "Moping. Losing sleep. Being so depressed!" She nods to Valenti. "Let's go find him."

Valenti nods shortly, stepping smartly for the door.

Kasmira walks off northwestwards to the wide green commons outside.

Wide Green Commons - Monaco Weyr

This green is the hub of activity at the Weyr. The area extends along the base of a cavern-pocked cliff which rises southeast to northwest from here. The grubbed soil has been allowed to grow to a trampled turf, but hard stone walks bound it on all sides.

Weyrfolk and support staff move occasionally from the elevated, slate-topped infirmary complex that bridges the river on the eastern edge of the green to the open multiple decks of the sprawling, two-tiered Weyrhall to the north.

South and west of here, the cliff face looms high, with a wide opening leading into the Hatching cavern and a cut-stone path rising to several weyrs housing the Weyr's leaders. Emerging from the hatching opening, an oft-trod path skirts the cliff to an opening a bit to the west.

More directly west are more caverns and finally the swath widens in the northwest into the landing field used by visitors to the Weyr.

Valenti quirks an eyebrow, watching Elfarran silently.

Elfarran slips out quietly, heading off to do her chores. She pauses for a moment, "You won't find them if they're not here."

Valenti's lips purse. "Gee, really? I never would have guessed."

Elfarran quirks a faint imitation of a smile, "Sorry." She takes a deep breath, and wanders off to haul yet more firestone.

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