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Elfarran's Logs

These are logs of roleplaying that involved Elfarran, except for one. The first one - Sunset, is an ambiance roleplaying scenario.

Before Impression

Sunset - Ambiance roleplaying on the beach of the weyr.

Second Search - Being searched again, when she least expects it.

Before Chores - Sitting around and talking to a fellow candidate, right before morning chores.

Before Bed - A little girl talk, candidate style, complete with fire lizards.

Late Night - A late night swim, and seeing two people searched.

Something Else - Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she is told something else.

Revelations Part I - Well, at least the problem itself comes out into the open.

Another Day - When Elfarran learns that there is at least one person she doesn't get along with.

Short Chat - Just a short bit of conversation, getting to know a fellow candidate.

Crime and Punishment - Sometimes, agreeing with a prank to avoid questions has repercussions.

Robe Inspection - As the hatching is imminent, time to make sure all is ready.

Revelations Part II - And a little more comes out about her problems.


Impression - The end of one phase of her life, and the beginning of a new one.

Lessons - Even not being an apprentice, doesn't excuse one from them.

Anger - Even the most mild-tempered person can sometimes lose their temper.