Sheltered Cove

This little cove is nearly impossible to get to. Situated not far from Monaco Weyr on the northeast coastline, the dark sand characteristic of the volcanic region has yet to turn to the whiter sand of Cove Hold. The view is simply breathtaking - a wide expanse of ocean breaks perhaps three dragonlengths from the beach on a hard pile of rocks. The resultant pool closer in is perfect for swimming for both dragonkin and human alike. Lush foliage presses in close to the fine ashy sand on the southern portion of the cove, while the northeastern is a solid rock wall, covered in creeper vines. There is the barest hint of a trail to the southwest, headed towards the rough civilization of Monaco Weyr.

As evening starts to settle in, Elfarran has made her way here. Hair is still damp as if she has bathed, but now she is sitting and looking out over the water, eyes shadowed and face drawn.

The beach below is shadowed for a moment just as Onareth glides over the sands and comes for a landing in the water just deep enough to allow almost all of his bulk under it with just the tip of his muzzle sticking out. It only takes several minutes for S'renn to show up, chuckling as he strolls down the path, towel in hand while wearing a bathing suit and thin tunic, yet he apparently doesn't notice Elfarran as he wanders up close to the crest of the water, watching the dragon float about blissfully.

Elfarran starts as she is shadowed, then freezes, trying to find a place to hide from view. Not exactly easy, for even in dusk light, her skin is pale and her hair bright.

"Comfy, love?" S'renn whispers just barely, most probably at the brown, whom decides to create little waves with the tips of his wings, just to amuse himself, but still, S'renn hasn't looked in Elfarran's direction, probably giving her enough time to get away if she wants it.

With a swallow, she speaks up, not really much more then a whisper itself. "I'm sorry, Onareth." Then, she looks as if she is about to flee again.

Startled by Elfarran's voice, S'renn jumps, his head turning back off in the other direction, and upon the Candidate's form. "Oh, Elfarran.. What are you doing there, all hidden and stuff?" He inquires, pleasantly enough, his lips curving up slightly in a smile, "I didn't give you that much of a scare that you have to sneak around behind me, did I?"

Elfarran shakes her head, pausing in midstep, "No....its not that, sir." She flushes, "I should go now. When did you want me to do that extra duty?"

S'renn waves his hand slightly, head beginning to shake. "Quit calling me 'sir'... Sounds like your talking to N'veen," A light chuckle slips out from his lips, his grin wry, "No, you don't have to go. Don't let me interrupt your free time."

Elfarran just stands there, blinking, "No...Onareth and you should get your swim. I can sit somewhere else." There is a slight tremble to her voice.

"Are you angry for punishing you, Elfarran?" S'renn asks, narrowing his eyes upon the Candidate, though his expression or tone does not turn harsh. He remains pleasant, with a slight grin, and light voice, though his attention turns back on the dragon, playing around with little waves of water. "Why don't you join us for a swim? Or maybe come over here so we can talk.. Unless you believe I'll become angry at you."

Elfarran takes a step forward, still flushed, "No, sir. Why would I be angry with you for punishing me?" She glances over at the water and the large brown playing in it, "It hasn't anything to do with that."

"Candidate Elfarran, quit calling me sir! Shardit, you know how much I don't like that," S'renn says, almost teasingly as he flashes his smile at the Candidate, before he flops down upon the ground, legs folding up quickly underneath him so that he ends up in a crosslegged position, "Then whats the matter Elf, if it isn't that? Or is it something you don't want to tell me?"

Elfarran sits down on a rock and looks down at her hands, before looking up, "If you didn't keep reminding me, perhaps I would." She looks out over the water, "And its nothing important." Judging from the way she's been acting lately, this is probably not true.

"A wise harper once said, 'Never overlook anything that may seem mundane, you may miss something important,'" S'renn recites almost as if from a book, his gaze falling on Elfarran's form, letting a light laugh slip from his lips, "IF you don't want to tell me, you don't have to... But its probably either me, or that mind-healer that Onareth Searched."

Elfarran blinks slowly, quirking a faint smile, "What does Ilesyn have to do with this?" She bites her lip a little, "I.....its best if I don't say, especially now."

S'renn lets his shoulders roll over slightly with a shrug, just as Onareth decides to roll about onto his back in the water, and float along in that way with his wings drawn out instead. "She seems to like taking on peoples troubles," he says with a rolling of his eyes, before turning his grin to a smile, "Oh it can't be that bad, can it?

Elfarran looks back down and mumbles, though the air carries it clearly enough, "What if you realized that you lost someone, before you realized....." she stops and looks out over the water, her skin almost as dark as her hair now.

S'renn arches an eyebrow curiously as he turns his attention back upon Elfarran's face, his own face brightened by the waining sunlight. "Hmm.. I'm not exactly very good with relationships," he mutters lightly, twiddling his fingers together and rolling his eyes towards the opposite direction, "But I suppose that I'd try to talk to them about it... Unless they don't exist anymore.."

Elfarran looks up, then with a sigh, "Its a really big mess. I found out that he's found someone else, and while they live in different places, I hope they'll be happy." she looks out at the water again, "I guess I don't have the time to be worrying about it, anyway. I'm a candidate and all."

"There is always the time after Candidacy, or weyrlinghood if it comes to that," S'renn says with a slow shaking of his head, his eyes remaining upon the candidate, "If you care so much for him, perhaps you should.. well, tell him?"

Elfarran shakes her head a little, "And complicate matters for him? I couldn't do that." she takes a deep breath, "I seem to have all the luck, falling for people in love with someone else."

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