Candidate Barracks - Monaco Weyr

These two structures feature open central rooms with triple tiers of bunks lining the walls. They are joined by a small tiled deck that bridges a narrow canal. They are filling with small numbers of candidates. The men are taking the structure on the east, females are settling into the bunks in the building nearest the commons.

Elfarran pads in from the commons, still wet hair already starting to curl about her face. Apparently she's already found time for a swim before working out in the gardens.

Lathen sits near the commons, eating a few meatrolls while reading a hide before he's roped into chores. At sight of Elfarren, he smiles. "Good morning."

Elfarran grins impishly and settles down nearby, pushing wet hair from her face, "Good morning. How are you doing?"

Lathen offers the plate of meatrolls. "I'm fine. I'm almost glad to have chores to do other than peeling tubers, today. Though mucking's going to be disgusting. You?"

Elfarran laughs softly and takes a meatroll, "I get to work out in the gardens, which I enjoy, unlike laundry." She takes a nibble, then smiles reasuringly, "But, when you impress, you'll be grateful for all these different chores, ask S'renn."

Lathen nods. "I know, I know. Mucking for dragons is really disgusting too and if we're used to herdbeast muck it won't be so bad." He wrinkles his nose. "But _still_."

Elfarran nods and smiles a bit, "Still...its better when they can go between, but when they are sick." She wrinkles her nose a little, "You're Th'rok's son, aren't you? He said you were studying dragonhealing, like me."

Lathen brightens. "I am. You are? Has anyone been training you, or are you digging up hides on your own?"

Elfarran shakes her head and smiles, "I was being trained by Briana, though when she was ill, the others took me under their wing. But, when I was first a candidate, I spent alot of my free time poring over the basic hides. You?"

Lathen sets the plate down, and nods towards the hides beside him. "Hides. Even if," a pause, "I don't Impress, I'll at least have a head start and do _something_ useful besides working in the kitchen."

Elfarran smiles and nods again, looking at you apraisingly, "You know...if you are interested, you could see about apprenticing to either the Healers or the Beastcraft. Unless you only want to heal dragons and firelizards. Its alot of work, but its a good calling."

Lathen straightens. "Dragons and firelizards is what I want to heal. Plenty of Healers and Beastcrafters. And I'd have to leave the Weyr."

Elfarran shakes her head a bit, "I didn't. Well, not any longer than it took to go and be tested in what I already knew. Of course, I didn't grow up in a weyr, either." She smiles at you, "Oh, and be careful in the sun. It can be really dangerous this time of year, if your skin isn't used to it." Yes, she knows all about fair skin and sounthern sunshine.

Lathen nods, and looks down at himself. "My nose was glowing redder'n an old glow, the first sevenday I was here. And it peeled, too."

Lathen adds after a moment, curiously, "Where did you grow up?"

Elfarran nods slowly, "I grew up at Cove. But, I seem to be gifted with this northern pale skin. I burn like a crisp if I'm not careful. Where did you grow up and what brought you here?"

Lathen wells, "At least I'll have someone else to hide away from the sun with. Uh- High Reaches. Mother decided to send me to live with my father, because, she says, I'm too much like him for my own good."

Elfarran nods slowly anf grins, "That and remember that aloe is your friend." She nods slowly, "Is this a bad thing or a good thing? I can't imagine living somewhere so cold."

Lathen grins. "Good. I'd get in fights back home. The other boys teased me about being short. No one's teased me here."

Elfarran giggles merrily, "You'll grow out of it, likely. Not like poor me. I'll always be this short."

Starset had been fast asleep upon one of the still unoccupied cots, yet once the two Candidates had begun to talk back and forth, his jeweled eyes open, lid by lid, watching the pair, his tailtip twitching beside him with amusement.

Lathen nods emphatically. "I know. That's sort of why I want to be a dragonhealer. Dragons don't care, and we're all really small to them."

Elfarran tilts her head in amusement, "I do hope that isn't the only consideration."

Lathen frowns. "Of course not."

Elfarran grins again and smiles, "Good. And don't worry about how tall you are on the outside. Its what's inside that matters."

Lathen breaks off a chunk of meatroll from his plate, and offers it to Starset. "G'morning."

Lathen nods. "I know." And he smiles brightly at her. "When did you come to the weyr?"

"About two or three turns ago, right before Leyrith clutched, before her and Eliwys got transferred. I was here with my father, bringing in a tithe, and got searched." Elfarran chuckles softly, "That's the clutch that produced Onareth."

Starset tilts his head slightly at the offering, neck being stretched out as far as it could go in the attempts to sniff at the roll, yet its still too far away to get a whiff. At the sound of his humans dragon's name, the young firelizard emits another sweet chirp up at Elfarran, yep, I know him.

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