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Alternate Pattern

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Established March of 2001
Website last updated March 24, 2002

The world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time deserves to be explored with a wide range of characters and places. The Alternate Pattern was created to do just that. Set in a world that mirrors Robert Jordan's in nations and geography, the weave is not quite the same...Are all the Forsaken really as evil as they seem? Does the red Ajah have differing factions? What about the Aiel and the Sea Folk? So stay as long as you'd like...We'd love to have you!

On this site you will find all the information you need to create a character for the Alternate Pattern. We have a wide range of character types available for play. So be creative!

There are some rules, but none constraining or unnecessary. These rules are established to make gameplay fun and fair for everyone. Send all sheets to: Beth, the owner.


Thank you for reading over everything on this page. Any questions or comments, send them to Beth.



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