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Hallelujah! Now for what y'all have been waiting for, San Andreas cheats! Just click here to jump right in for some cheats, glitches and other little intresting tid bits. Or you can go here to get to the main page of San Andreas and go there the long way. More glitches have been added! "The Headless Gangsta", and other stuff will be added (hopefully I can get some feedback from you people out there, to make an extensive list of information about ths game). Since I got two days off from work, I can work on this in the mean time. Come back often! So what are you still doing reading this? Get in there and read on!...Always, Always, never forget to add Sefier's Realm to your Favorites, or Bookmark it--Whichever.
(Ver 3.2)

-Added a new glitch for San Andreas "Headless Gangsta"!!! - (11-02-04)
-Added GTA: San Andreas cheats!!! - (11-01-04)
-Added a GTA: San Andreas section!!! - (10-26-04)
-Added a Tales of Symphonia mini section. - (07-23-04)
-I added a Flaming Symbol and a Weapon Table to the Art Gallery. - (07-23-04)
-I put 2 more pictures and an animation in the gallery. - (03-27-04)
-I put up my Warcraft 3 page with my stage. (And the 6,500 mark was reached) - (03-27-04)

Warcraft 3 Map(s)
Angelfire Games FIGHTER'S REALM
Game Link Page

-4 more pictures were added to the gallery. (And the 5,500 mark was reached) - (09-19-03)
-3D Picture Gallery added / removed Game Pictures. - (08-07-03)
-Dark Cloud 2 Gameshark v2 and v3 codes - (08-07-03)
-Dark Cloud 2 - (Updated 04-17-03)
-Updated the Sections of Dark Cloud 2- (04-06-03/04-13-03)
-Created a Dark Cloud 2 Section- (04-06-03 12:50PM)

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