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My Creations

If this page takes too long to load, I will seperate the pictures into different sections to have faster load times. I will also be adding the newest pictures to the top as opposed to the bottom. Tell me what you think!

This is the same image as the picture below, but I just removed Yuna
from the background, and added a Lens Flare effect to the picture.

This is just Yuna's Pistols from FF X-2. I just had the urge to create
something, and her Pistol was the first thing I could think of. So I
sat down for about an hour or two and just got to work. I used a few
tools that I don't normally use, "Knife" and "Boolean-Subtract."
Well that is enough talk from me.

This is just a little symbol I designed for one of my good friends, whom
we call Superman haha. And Superman needs a symbol, and there it
is. A slightly modified version of the Superman "S" that we all
know. With blue flames, which was possibly inspired by the movie
Hellboy (which I still refuse to watch). Well if anyone would like
something like this, probably I can do it for them - but don't
forget, I'm no expert with this. Just email me and let me know.

I put this little scene up after I created all of the weapons that I had
at the current time. I just messed with tilting and rotating the
objects. I also had a light shining down on the table to give the
weapons a shadow, but I changed the tables texture, and the shadows
are barely visible.

I started this picture after seeing it in a news paper article. I thought
this was a wicked looking weapon and decided to try and create it.
And about two hours later, it was done.
If you want to see this Wrist blades retract [in .avi format] Click here! (780 Kb Compressed in XviD MPEG 4 Codec)
(If you have problems with downloading or viewing, try right-clicking and click "Save target as")

This is one of Jason's other creations. It is unfinished for now, but I
am sure to see the more perfected finish in the near future. It is a
sky scraper shown from a overhead view.

One of my newest creations. This also took a very long time to learn how
to do since there are actually real looking textures in it. This
chair and the table below is from the Library at Queens College,
where I am most of the time doing nothing :)

My newest creation if you would say. But I think that the library chair
looks better. I finally got the hang of using textures also.

This was one of my newest pistols, but I never put much work into it like
the others. I couldn't find a good metal looking texture to suit my
tatse for this gun. It too was one of my paper drawings.

This is not done by me, but done by my friend jason. He uses lots of
detail, sometimes it is too much for my computer to handle and ends
up slowing it down, and just about freezes it :) The front end is
not finished as of yet, but he has detail at the back also, and the
writing looks exact to the real Gamecube.

My first creation. Took almost two to three hours to learn how to do it.

The first gun I created. It took a while as I had to make the idea up.
You can see how it looks all choppy and sharp edges. It gets better.

When I can animate this picture and the wave rings, I will truly have a matrix effect.

I learned how to curve things easier to make a more real life look.

This Assault rifle is one of my favorite pictures. I made this before the black 45 above. The front site took me about 30 minutes to do. And the wireframe on the side is just to give an example of what I had to deal with.

This sword was originally drawn on paper, then it was turned into a
wooden model - hey my dad is a carpenter, and now it is here, created
by my friend Kaydien, with a little help from me.

This was another drawing that I did, this didn't take as long as I
thought it would, the bottom of it was the hardest part, as you will
see in the lower pictures.

This is a zoomed up photo of the bottom of the Blade. It took me forever to get all the points connected. And on the wireframe, not all the points are shown; so at each vertex, imagine little dots, and you have to connect them all.

The computer desk was created by my friend Jason, and the surround sound system was created by my younger brother.

Whoever doesn't recognize this shield, I feel sorry for them. This is
Link's shield from Zelda - but of course, the little red bird emblem
is missing, that is too difficult.