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Sex: Male
Age: 329 (appears 28)
Race: Vampire
Generation: N/A
Class: Dark Knight
Rank: Lord
Alignment: Miscreant

Disposition: Vormav is a very honor-bound man. He treats most strangers with respect and hospitality but with women he acts very gracious and kind. His true evil nature surfaces when he is angered or when his dark side overpowers his personal ethics. This is frequent enough to make his normally Aberrant alignment to become that of Miscreant. He demands respect and loyalty from everyone, most especially from his clan, his servants and slaves. He does not tollerate any kind of failure. Though very strict this way, he will sometimes enjoy his clansmen making mistakes, for it will give him a chance to deal out a punishment. Vormav takes great joy from being in command. He loves having power over others as well as having power over their lives.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: He is 7 feet tall and 254 pounds. His tight, toned figure is offset by hes sliver-gray hair and deep shinny, crimson eyes. He is devilishly handsome and very appealing to the opposite sex.

Background: Read his entire story here

Knowledge and Skills-

Swordsmanship: 10
Fighting: 10
Battle Tactics: 9
Knight Training: 10
Education: 7