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The following is a rough draft of Vormav's Tale. Though incomplete, I felt it would help to shine some light on who he really is. I update it when I can. I would write a better version but this is just to show you the events that lead up to now.


The Lionheart Family was a Clan of Knights based in the city of Tenlor, Fallkurn. One of the Clan, Andel Lionheart, was a landlord of Stenorr, a territory of villages not far from the great city of Ishtar. As a respected Nobleman he ruled Stenorr lawfully, and was honored by all who lived there.

Despite his noble spirit, a pure man he was not. Andel enjoyed the pleasures of women. He spent most of his free time with concubines and the courtesans that served his family. At one of the local Brothels he meet a particular mistress named Marnaya. Andel called to her often. He grew to love her but kept this emotion secret. After a few years in his bed she began to bare a child.

Marnaya knew that Noblemen were not allowed to have children out of wedlock, for in doing so would disgrace their family name. She fled Stenorr, knowing that if Andel found out the child, he might have her killed. Andel learned of her escape. Heart-broken, Andel followed after her. He tracked her down in the city of Ishtar. With no alternative, Marnaya confessed to him the child and begged his mercy.

Andel was shocked and relieved. Andel confessed his love and asked for her hand in marriage. This was the only way to save not only his honor, but also the lives of his lover and his unborn child. Marnaya happily said yes and the two quickly married in a chapel of Ishtar. When they returned to Stenorr, Andel sent word to his family who lived in Tenlor. The Lionheart Clan accepted Marnaya into their family without incident.

Marnaya and the child where now safe and Andel was with the woman he loved. The child was a son, and Andel and Marnaya named him- Vormav.

Vormav Lionheart was born in the year of our time, 2380. Andel and Marnaya raised Vormav to become a knight. He learned the skills needed under his father's tutelage. As a small child Vormav showed great interest in his future knighthood. He was disciplined, determined and gifted at swordsmanship. Andel and Marnaya had kept there past a secret, especially from Vormav. With how he had held his family's honor, they knew it would crush his heart to know. At ten years of age Vormav attended the Ishtar Noble Academy. There he was taught the ways of Knighthood. Vormav became the academy's most skilled student in the field. His training was difficult and long. He remained there for six years. At seventeen years, he returned to his home in Stenorr and became an acolyte under his his father, acting as his squire. He was loyal and determined; his skills better than most his age. By the time he was 20 he became a Knight.

When Vormav was given the rank of Knight he traveled to the Lionheart Clan House in Tenlor, Fallkurn. There he took his place as a Lionheart Knight. He was proud of his position. It was everything he and his parents had wanted. After two years Vormav yearned for a new post. He put in a petition for a traveling position that would let him see the world. His request was approved and Vormav was sent on a mission that would span many years.

He traveled to many Cities and Kingdoms on his mission. He journeyed North West to the Darven Kingdom of Tyrnog, journeyed East to the Elven Kingdoms and crossed the seas to lands far away.

Two years into his mission, during his visit to Abadon, a human nation to the south, he met a woman. Her name was Jerii Xyonn. She was a Knight of the Gellar Clan, an Order of women Knights serving the goddess, Spring. The moment he laid eyes on her he became smitten. She was strong, independent, honorable, tender, witty and strikingly beaufiful. Vormav postponed his leaving Gellar just to spend time with her. Jerii admired Vormav's noble spirit and kind heart. The two soon became romanticly involved. After only a few months, Vormav asked her to marry him. She happily said yes.

When news of their engagement reached the Lionheart Clan, Vormav's mission was ordered null. He and his wife-to-be were asked to hold the wedding at the Clan's home in Tenlor. The two agreed. They married in the Great Hall of Lionheart. Thousands attended, as did Vormav's parents and all of his Lionheart family. The Clan regarded Vormav as one of their most promising decendants.

Since Jerii was a knight, she was accepted into the Lionheart Clan as one of them. She and Vormav moved into the Clan Manor and lived there for 3 years.

At this time, the government of a Country known as Ballhalu was changing. Ballhalu was a republic whose structure of government was based on a congress of Officials. A Nobelman named Altek Delinous had gained political power with the sway of those Officials that were loyal to him.

With this power Delinous took control of the country. He promised peace and prosperity for all of Ballhalu. Instead, he formed a new government, making Ballhalu into an Empire he called "Scarlet Moon", to which Delinous apointed himself Emperor. The government of the new Empire supressed and controled its people. It turned the once powerful republic into a warring nation whose goal was military conquest. This made the new country a feared power that would challenge the peace of Wyvren.

Delinous turned his eyes to bigger spoils. His dreams of world domination could now become a tangable goal. Scarlet Moon bordered a peacful kingdom known as Turock. Delinous hated Turock with a passion. He wanted to invade and crush the country into dust. Delinous wanted Turock to fall not only because it was a country that promoted peace, but also because he knew Turock would stand between him and world subjugation. In the year 2403, the Scarlet Moon Empire declared war on the Turock Kingdom.

Hearing the news of a war, Jerii yeared to join in the battle on the side of Turock. She persuaded Vormav to be involved himself. At the age of twenty-three Vormav, and Jerii, both traveled to Turock to join the Fire Knights, an Order that served the Elder Goddess Fire, and protected the Turock kingdom. They left the Clan House in Stenorr for the Order's Clan in Dyne, capital of Turock, to join the cause. With their experience, the Order accepted the two with arms wide. They were given high-level positions and placed within the same unit.

The Fire Knights were Turock's main military force apart from the people's army. The Fyre Knights rallied Turock's forces in the war with Scarlet Moon. Turock held its own in the battles with Scarlet Moon despite Scarlet Moon's massive military force.

Two years passed, and the war was going fairly well for Turock and for the careers of the husband and wife duo. Vormav and Jerii recieved promotions. Vormav was named Commander of Regiment: Red and Jerii was named Commander of to Regiment: Yellow, both of which were the two best regiments of the Order.

The Red Moon war, as it came to be known, was in its second year. Vormav was twenty-five now. He was named Commander of the Fyre Knights with Jerii named as his second as Sub-Commander. Their fantastic rise threw the ranks, and combined militaristic skills gave Turock the advantage in the war.

Delinous heard of how it was Vormav and his wife who had swayed the War for Turock. Furious, Emperor Delinous ordered Vormav's family to be killed. A warparty of Scarlet Moon's finest soldiers and Knights was sent to the Lionheart House in Tenlor, Fallkurn. The army unit left only bodies and charred ground behind when they went on their way home. The entire house and familiy was wiped out save Marnaya and Andel who where taken as prisoners and tortured. One important item was saved and brought back to the Empire.

When word reached Vormav he became heart-broken. Emperor Delinous sent a messenger to Vormav telling him that his parents where to be killed unless he traveled to Warhost, Capital of Scarlet Moon, and layed down his sword.

Vormav began to leave once the message left the messenger's lips. Jerii begged him not to go. Though she knew he had to save his parents lives, her feelings for him could not help but cry out in defiance. She pleaded and pleaded, asking for a final night to spend with him. His heart ached. He succumbed to her pleas, as well as his own heart.

The morning Vormav awoke and traveled to Warhost. He made his way to the Capital's stronghold, named after the city itself. He marched into Castle Warhost, came before Delinous, and layed down his sword. Sadly, his surrender was for not.

Delinous had lied. He had already had Marnaya and Andel killed. He odered the bodies thrown at Vormav's feet, as he laughed. Rage and Sadness clouded Vormav's eyes. Delinous boasted how he had tourtured Vormav's parents violently and how he knew a dark secret about Vormav. Delinous explaind to Vormav how his mother was once a lady of the night, and that Vormav himslef was a bastard child.

Vormav didn't purchase a word of it. Delinous had the guards give Vormav the only item that was brought back from the warparty that ravaged the Lionheart Clan House. It was Maranaya's journal. Vormav could tell it was his mother's for, not olny was its cover familiar, but also the handwriting within. There, in her own words, was the secrets Vormav's mother had kept from him.

Vormav was crushed. He lost hope and had given up on life.

At that moment, a wave of Knights followed behind by a massive army of soldiers stormed into Warhost. Fire Knights, lead by Jerii, had come to rescue Vormav. In the confusion Vormav tried to attack Delinous, battling his way threw Scarlet Moon Soldier after Scarlet Moon Soldier. He hoped to kill the Emperor before he himself was struck down, seeing this now being his final task in life.

Before Vormav could reach him, the Commander of the Scarlet Moon Empire's Army, Darius Kreygon, stood in his way. Vormav and Darius engaged in battled. Though thirty years older than Vormav, Darius held superior skill with a blade. He forced the sword out of Vormav's hand and was nearing a deathblow. A small group of knights came to Vormav's aid and were able to get him safely out of Warhost, and eventually out of The Scarlet Moon Empire.

When He returned Vormav felt empty inside. He greaved for his Mother and Father, for his Clan, and for he dark truths he now knew. He felt like his life was a lie. Jerii tried to be there for him, but his depresion ran deep.

Eventually, time passed and Vormav left the past burried. The whole event left him single-minded. His only goal now was to crush The Scarlet Moon Empire.

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