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Sex: Female
Age: Unkown (appears 20)
Race: Eternal
Class: Pleasure Slave
Rank: N/A
Alignment: Scrupulous

Disposition: She is obediante, loyal, and curious. She is bright, but navie to the ways of the world. She does not understand the concept of love, but she craves affection and attention. She keeps her eyes lowered and head bowed when in the presence of anyone other than slaves and servants like her. She tries her best to please her Master, Lord Vormav Darkheart. Jewel can sense when someone desires her and responds accordingly, fighting herself if she has been ordered by her Master not to pleasure a certain person. Deep inside her she is hurting, for the only thing she wants is to feel wanted and loved by her Master, who hates her because she has no common sense and has no evil within her. She feels no shame for being a Pleasure Slave for she walks with delicate grace, despite this.


Clothing and Armor-


Special Items-

Physical Description: She is slender and thin. Her breasts are soft and lucious to the touch, yet still firm. She has soft violet eyes and long pink hair that hangs down her head and about her face. She is the perfect form of beauty and spender.

Background: Her story can be read here.

Knowledge and Skills-

  • Basic Education: 6
  • Reading: 7
  • Slave Training: 10
  • Personal Care: 7