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When Jewel was five years old her township, Anrau, Turock, was attacked by the Scarlet Moon Empire. As the town burned and most of the towns people laid dead or dying, the soldiers began to round up the living for slaves. Jewel was shocked, scared, and confused, still crying over her parents bodies. The Commander of the attack, a man named Darius, approaced her. Jewel stared at him with the innocent eyes of a five year old girl while she sniffled. The man smiled as he looked down at her. He could spot her Eternal heritage from fifty paces. Darius thought about it a moment and realized the perfect person to sell her to, while still making a handsome profit.

Darius ordered Jewel to be sold to Kyle Kanovar, the propieter of "Innocent Love", one of the best known Children Pleasure Houses in Darknoir. Jewel was stripped of her clothing. They even took a locket that she had that contained a picture of her mother and father. Kyle felt very luck to fianlly own an Eternal slave. Kyle himself trained and instructed, Jewel. She became the House's most infamous entertainer. Time passed, and Jewel got older. Since Kyle specialized in children pleasure slaves, the demand for her grew less and less. Jewel was now 15 years of age and Kyle was cought between keeping her for himself, or selling her to one of the other Pleasure Houses. Since her popularity was high, several had already offered to give Kyle a large sum. Kyle didn't know what to do.

Asiair Enlyom was Arch-Magus of the Scarlet Moon Empire from at the time. The Wizard wanted to present a slave to Vormav Darkheart, also Commander of the Scarlet Moon Empire Army at the time. He devised a plan to use his knowledge and skill in magic to tap into Vormav's immortality to create a slave that would last as long as he would, forever. The slave was to be an everlasting gift, for his service during the Red Moon War as well as a "thank you" for a great personal service Vormav had rendered years ago. Asiair was old and would soon die. He wanted to give Vormav his gift before he passed on.

He traveled to Darknoir, a city known for slave trading. He went to the slave tavern Innocent Love. There he saw Jewel. Not only did her beauty enchant his fancy, but he could sense an aura around her that made her seem different and unique. Kyle told the wizard of her Eternal heritage. Pleased with such a rare find, he offerd Kyle a sum of money that far outweighed the other offers he had recieved. Kyle gave in and sold Jewel to Asiair. The Wizard brought her back to his lair in Scarlet Moon. With a sample of Vormav's hari, that he got unbeknowinst to Vormav himself, he used it and begin to place four magical enchantments on her.

Asiair's Magic, combined with the power of Vormav's immortality, made the enchanments permanent and Jewel immortal. The Arch-Magus presented his gift to Vormav. The vampire Lord was pleased and he accepted Jewel. Asiair was very happy and delighted that Vormav had enjoyed the gift he had given. Asiair died a few days later. Jewel has been serving her Master, Vormav, ever since.

Ownership Document
Name of Slave: Jewel
Identification Number: YZN-00-8J
Classification: Pleasure Slave
Sex: Female
Race: Eternal
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 100lbs
Eyes: Faint Purple
Hair: Pink
Prior Ownership-
1st Owner: Kyle Kanovar, Darknoir
2nd Owner: Asiair Enlyom, Scarlet Moon Empire
Owner to Date: Unknown
Estimated Value: 200gps