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Poems BY Moi!

Poems By Moi

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These are my poems. enjoy, or don't enjoy it makes no difference to me =)

Cold Chair

Eyes fixed with concentration
The signs were there
But I could not see the warning
An ordinary beginning
An almost tragic end
Now Iím in for a silent ride
Looking for my lost security
The keeper of my soul
We searched for hours
Godís palms waiting
But we were locked out
Left peering through windows
Hide and seek had never been so real
Then the power went out
And the goal seemed unreachable
But an angel was near
Just near enough
When I saw the blinking lights
Lightning struck me
Pierced me as never before
Waited in a cold chair
Not realizing the hole that lay waiting
Ready to devour my life
Then my shivers subsided
And the ominous shadow
Was Cast Away


Shattered glass
A broken trust
Blood seeps
Through hollow memories
Covered with dust
The worries and the fear
Wait to be uncovered
By imperfections of the mind
The time when shadows will
The day awaits me
Forever clouding memories
Ominous and intimidating
But I stand enclosed, protected
From that seemingly forgotten world