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*note to self* Rachel is really really bad a country accents!
*note to self* reverse physcology never works
*note to self* i need a new chair
*note to self* buttons are the foundation to a happy life.

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Poems By Moi

One of the greatest cheese graters of all time was a man by the name of Winston Holmes the 7th. He grew up in a small farm in Wichita, where his mom herded cattle and his dad was an alcoholic, a young metro sexual from Farmsville. As he grew up his fondness of cheese grew as well. He always wanted to be the man who made those cheddar slices "just right". And so he did After attending college in Amsterdam, he returned to the states to continue his dream. He bought a small but successful dairy farm right outside of Dallas, where he met his wife Wanita. They grew to hate each other, and yet instinctively had 13 children. The 13th died of malnutrition.

Sometimes i wonder what kinds of jokes a person would tell based on how they look. also what TV they watch and whether they are a cat person or a dog person. I ♥ gReEN dAY!
people are wayy to mean to eachother. sometimes i wish people were blind so that we wouldn't be so conscience of appearence.

my mom did this drawing. i think its really good. i wish i could draw like that! but then sometimes im very glad i don't see the world through eyes. or the pain that came with it