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A Thought Crushed My Mind

This is another band that I heard some of in 2001 and never really liked until 2002. One of my best friends, Nick, fell in love with Blindside thanks to vocalist Christian’s guest appearance on P.O.D.’s track “Anything Right.” He consequently purchased this album, and it quickly became his favorite CD ever. Finally I broke down and, in respect of his musical taste, borrowed it for a week to see what all his hype was about. At the end of the week, I was flat out amazed. For starters, this is simply one of the most original albums ever, and I highly exalt musical originality. They blend Swedish hardcore, rapcore, metal, prog, rock...I really can’t pigeonhole this album into a genre, and I both hate and love that. If forced, I will call it “really original prog-hardcore,” but I don’t seriously know what it is. What it is, is just plain incredible. The final track, “Nothing But Skin,” is one of VERY few songs that really touches my heart unlike any other, and even sometimes makes me almost want to cry. Plus, moving from the emotional to the mathematical, there is an incredibly cool part (in my musician’s analysis of the song) where the guitar and drums are playing in 12/8 time but the bass plays in 11/8 at the same tempo, or in other words, the bass line starts repeating itself one note before the guitar line does, meaning that every 11 beats, the bass is getting more and more off-time with the original pattern. It’s really very cool. Anyway, I love this album, go buy it right now.

Number 6!